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I have always felt that being placed on the waiting list can actually be the most difficult decision to receive and digest.  I hope you know that it is also the most difficult decision to make from our perspective.  You spend four years of high school working hard in the classroom, challenging yourself with difficult courses, and building a diverse resume.  It has already been a long road to your senior year.  You submitted your application months ago, followed up with all of the necessary materials, and waited patiently for a decision.  All of that time and hard work is followed up with a request for more waiting.  Unfortunately, this situation leaves students simply wondering how long this will go on and whether there is anything else they can possibly do.

Every institution that offers students a position on the waiting list will give slightly different guidance to students in regard to what they can do now.  The one unifying trait we all share is that, as competitive colleges and universities, we have far more strong, capable applicants than we have space available in our classrooms and residence halls.

However, it is often the case that being offered a position on the waiting list is only the first step.  Many schools, like Stonehill, ask students to follow up with a response card or email accepting that position.    This follow up is the first and most crucial thing you can do to indicate your continued desire to attend.  This year 980 students were offered a position on our waiting list.  After April 20th we will provide all students with a status update in order to provide some additional context to those numbers.

So what else can you do to show you are still interested?  The simple answer is to stay in contact with us.  We welcome students currently on the waiting list to send us any new academic information they may want to have considered with their file, such as their most recent grades.

We also welcome students to visit campus again.  Throughout the spring, particularly during the high school vacation weeks, most institutions will offer daily information sessions and tours of campus.  Students on the waiting list will often take advantage of this opportunity to help determine where an institution might fall in their list should an opening become available.

One of the biggest challenges of waiting to hear from one school is the continued pressure to consider the other options you have available.  At Stonehill, our goal is to notify students of available positions in the class as soon as possible.  However, we do not anticipate having a sense for how many students may be admitted from the waiting list until May 1st through May 15th at the earliest.

Given that May 1st is the universal deposit deadline, students will likely need to make a commitment to another school.  Of course, that requires another non-refundable deposit as well.  However, should we at Stonehill be able to admit a student who has already committed elsewhere, we will credit your student account up to $500 of another school’s deposit if you provide a cancelled check as proof of payment.

Needless to say, this can be a confusing and occasionally frustrating time as you continue to wait.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to your personal admission counselor or call the office any time at 508-565-1373 to discuss your concerns. 

Senior Associate Dean of Admission