A liberal arts college will prepare you for your future in ways that other colleges may not.  A liberal arts education will improve your ability to communicate, think independently and be a productive team member.

A liberal arts education will also have you focusing on more subject areas than just your selected major.  As a student, it’s nice to know that you won’t be limited to taking classes only in one subject area.  The variety of courses can be a nice change of pace, but it serves a more practical purpose as well.  Taking courses in a wide range of disciplines allows students to think critically about issues from a number of different perspectives.  In today’s complex world, the ability to see solutions from different angles is more important than ever.  Employers prefer creative thinkers to be on their teams.

A graduate of a liberal arts college is able to understand the world from different perspectives and doesn’t approach issues or topics with blinders on.  A liberal arts education can also be a great way for students to find what they are passionate about.  Because of the variety a liberal arts education can offer, students who are having a difficult time picking a major often can stumble upon something that they really enjoy.

At Stonehill, a student may decide to take an ancient Philosophy course, and at the surface the information learned in the class may seem not useful.  However, during the course of the class, a student must be able to take in new information, take critical assessments from the professor and make adjustments.  This practice in itself is a skill worth learning.

Assistant Dean of Admission