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Providence CollegeOver the course of the year, the Accounting Association has several colleges with graduate programs visit and speak with Stonehill accounting majors about opportunities to pursue a graduate degree. On October 30th, Jackie Elcik, the Assistant Dean and Director of the MBA program at Providence College, spoke about the various opportunities to earn a graduate degree from their institution. Providence College’s MBA program has been accredited by AACSB International. It is among the top business schools in the country.

Jackie explained the courses that MBA students would have to take according to the time of attendance and start date. Their MBA program would give accounting students the 150 credits required for the CPA exam within one year of starting. There are nine core courses in the MBA program and six prerequisite courses. Stonehill and Providence College allow for waving most of the prerequisites. The program offers night classes, which enables students to work full time and earn a degree at the same time. The information session was very constructive for accounting students who are considering graduate school after Stonehill. We thank Providence College for taking the time and effort to come to campus and provide an insightful presentation for our students.

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northeasternAnnarita Meeker, Director of Graduate Tax and Accounting Programs for Northeastern University, visited the Accounting Association and gave great insight on the programs Northeastern offers.  They offer various Business degrees from a Masters of Business Administration to a Masters of Science in Accounting.  Annarita spoke about the CPA exam and how a Northeastern graduate education prepares students well for taking the exams.  Northeastern waives the GMAT for Accounting majors who have an overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.25 Accounting grade point average.  .

A representative from Becker CPA Review gave tremendous insight on the benefits of using their study materials. Becker CPA prepares students for the taking the CPA exam.  Students can take classes online or at a location with an instructor.  It is important to ask potential employers if the company pays for Becker so candidates can become certified as soon as possible.  Students are very successful from this preparatory course.  More than 400,000 candidates have used Becker and passed the exam.  Candidates are required to pass Financial Accounting and Reporting, Auditing and Attestation, Regulation, and Business Environment and Concepts.  When a student enrolls in Becker, they will be well prepared for the exam.

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pwcPricewaterhouseCoopers’ campus visit was unlike the traditional recruiting/informational visit many firms present at the Accounting Association meetings. They brought a diverse panel, including several alumni, to discuss their experiences and offered us insight on a typical day at the office. Many representatives on the panel were no more than 5 years out of college, which helped portray an accurate picture of what students could expect to be assigned in their first years. In addition to the panel, we received an overview of the structure of the firm, opportunities to be pursued, and most importantly the culture. They explained how many of the Big 4 accounting firms are very similar in regards to the opportunities and structure, and what really differentiates each firm is its culture and the people who make it up. PwC offers a leadership program, Elevate, for sophomores and juniors, an internship program, Launch, for juniors and seniors, and is the number one recruiter from Stonehill College for full time job positions mainly in tax and assurance.

Unique Experience from Feeley & Driscoll Representative

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On February 8, 2012, a representative and a recent alumnus from the firm Feeley & Driscoll recently spoke to the Accounting Association about their firm, its culture, and its opportunities. Feeley & Driscoll is a regional mid-sized firm that actively recruits at Stonehill, and therefore it was useful for students to hear what it is like to work there. What distinguishes the firm from the “Big Four” and other regional firms is that all of its growth as a company has been organic. This has allowed it to maintain its strategy and its culture since it began. Another distinguishing factor is that its employees act as business consultants to the client, stressing relationships. In accordance with this, the auditing, tax, and consulting functions are intertwined for its privately-held clients. This is unique from most other accounting firms, who strongly separate these functions.

Patrick O’Halloran, class of 2013, spoke to the students about his experiences as a staff II employee. At Feeley & Driscoll, he enjoys that he gets a wide variety of experience doing both auditing and tax, as well as the fact that he frequently interacts with partners and knows almost everyone at the firm. Patrick stated that his biggest challenge on the job was interacting with the client, as it can often be difficult to get the information required for an audit in a timely manner. Overall, he enjoys working at the firm and hopes to gain more experience on clients from different industries.

Recent Stonehill Graduates Return to Campus

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On November 9, 2011, a group of four recent alumni who currently have jobs at various local accounting firms spoke to the Accounting Association. Shannon Conner from KPMG, Bobby Peterson from Grant Thorton, and Meagan Kennedy and Joe Pottackal from Wolf & Co. spoke about their experiences in the accounting field after graduation. Particularly, they focused on issues that are on many students’ minds as they work through their courses and prepare for their careers.

The alumni spoke about how they achieved or are working towards the 150-credit hour requirement necessary for the CPA license. Some were working towards obtaining their Masters of Science in Accountancy (MSA), but others had simply overloaded on undergraduate and summer classes to obtain the extra credits. They also talked about the dedication required to pass the strenuous CPA exam. The alumni stressed, however, that a CPA license provides opportunities for growth and even opens doors outside of public accounting.

The alumni enjoyed talking to students about their experiences in the working world. There were a variety of perspectives, as KPMG is one of the “Big Four” firms, Grant Thorton is a large international firm, and Wolf & Co. is a regional firm. Each alumnus talked about a slightly different company culture, from KPMG which offers opportunities to work on well-known and international clients, to Wolf which sells itself as a smaller “people firm.” All of the alumni are happy with their current positions and excited for future opportunities both within and potentially outside their firms.

Stonehill Alum Returns to Share Personal and Current Tax Experience

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Russell Stamm, who currently owns his own tax business, spoke to the Accounting Association about his career and gave career advice. After graduating from Stonehill College, he got his MST at Northeastern
University and began working at O’Connor & Drew, P.C., a mid-sized accounting firm located in Braintree, MA. He chose this firm because he knew that he would fit in with the firm’s environment well and liked that it
encouraged entrepreneurial activity.

After nine years at O’Connor & Drew, Russell then started his own tax practice. His experience opening his own business was unique in that it was fairly easy to do so. While he was still at O’Connor and Drew, he began doing individual tax returns for friends. This resulted in referrals and eventually built up into enough business to open his own office. He emphasized that it is important to seek out opportunities like he did and to take advantage of them.

Russell also had interesting information to give about the current tax issues our nation is facing. He believes that the upcoming 2012 presidential election could result in a tax overhaul, depending on who is elected. He also believes that the reason many Fortune 500 companies keep much of their business offshore is because the U.S. tax rates are much higher than other countries’.

Suffolk University Visits Stonehill for First Time

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Last week, the Accounting Association hosted an informational session from Suffolk University for the first time in club history.  Suffolk came to give a brief presentation on their MSA and MST programs currently offered to Stonehill accounting graduates.  The will now join our strong network of allied graduate institutions, including Babson College and Northeastern University, that waive the GMAT standardized exam for Stonehill students.  This waiver serves as a testament to the quality of students the Accounting department here at Stonehill produces.  Suffolk offered a multitude of different options for those pursuing these degrees such as varying program start dates, classroom learning versus online interactive lectures, and crafting programs to cater to credit hour needs.  Suffolk will now be a viable option for those graduating with a concentration in accounting and we look continue to build on our newly established partnership with the university!

Kickoff Meeting with Northeastern/Becker Representative, Annarita Meeker

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On September 7, 2011, Annarita Meeker, Director of Graduate Tax and Accounting Programs at Northeastern University, spoke to the Accounting Association about master’s programs offered at Northeastern University as well as the Becker CPA Exam Review. One of the most pressing issues affecting accounting students is the 150 credit hour requirement needed to obtain a CPA license. In fact, many employers will not hire graduates to work full time until they obtain the 150 credit hours. Annarita focused on Northeastern’s Master of Science in Accountancy degree, in which accounting graduates can obtain their master’s, and fulfill the 150 credit hour requirement, in an accelerated summer/fall program. Because of their partnership with Stonehill College, Northeastern will waive the GMAT score requirement if certain GPA requirements are met and will waive up to six credits if students took extra courses at the undergraduate level. Stonehill’s partnership with Northeastern makes it very easy for accounting graduates to quickly reach the 150 credit hour requirement and begin working and taking the CPA exam.

Annarita also talked about the Becker CPA Exam Review. It is important for students, especially seniors, to be aware of the exam so that they can adequately plan and prepare for it now. She spoke about the process for taking the CPA exam, each of the four exams (Financial, Audit, Regulation, and Business), the content of the exams, and even some strategies for taking the exam. She also raffled off a portion of the review course to three students. Becker Professional Education offers one of the most successful review programs for those preparing for the CPA exam.

New Officers Appointed for 2011-12

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Congratulations to the new officers appointed to the Executive Board of the Accounting Association for the 2011-2012 academic year!

President: Liz Rubino ’12
Vice President: Jeff Dary ’12
Secretary: Amy Oliver ’12
Treasurer: Chris DeNapoli ’14
Publicity Coordinator: Dan O’Malley ’14

The Accounting Association is planning on a terrific fall semester and is looking forward to welcoming current as well new members for the new academic year.  Please contact Liz Rubino at erubino@coastalfinance.com for more information.

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