Stonehill Celebrates New Additions To FMA Honor Society

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Stonehill College is pleased to announce that seven students of the class of 2014  were inducted into the FMA International Honor Society.  Students majoring in finance with a minimum GPA of 3.5 in finance and a minimum overall GPA of 3.25 are eligible for this special honor.  This year’s inductees included:

Thomas A. Banks

Charles J. Bradford

Michael R. Frick

Casey E . Mathews

Stephanie C. Powers

Kyle J. Randall

Brandon M. Sturtevant

Congratulations for this wonderful achievement!


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Chairman & CEO of Resources Management Welcomed To Stonehill

04.15.2014 · Posted in Career Advice, Financial Management

IMG_0017The FMA welcomed to campus in early April Frank M. Loehmann, Jr., Chairman & CEO of Resources Management Corp (RMC).  RMC  is a fee-based registered advisory based in West Hartford, CT that traces its roots to the early 1970’s where it primarily served the interests of John G. Martin, entrepreneur and Chairman of The Heublein Corporation.  Mr. Loehmann in his introduction took a moment to share with us some of the history of the Corporation and brought with him some of the familiar products that the company developed since it was founded back in the 1870’s.  Those products included  A1 Steak Sauce, Smirnoff Vodka, and Grey Poupon, just to name a few.

Mr. Loehmann began his career as an auditor and earned his CPA shortly after earning his MS in Accountancy from Northeastern University.  But it was not long before he started his career that he was asked to assist in the management of the assets of The Heublein Corporation by Mr. Martin.  It was a different time and a different world than the students in attendance could imagine.  To say that all were fascinated and thrilled by the presentation is an understatement.  Our thanks to Mr. Loehmann for taking the time to make the trip from Hartford and join us for the evening.


Ocean Spray Farming Coop A Great Business

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For our second field trip this academic year, FMA members thought it would be interesting to visit Lakeville, MA based Ocean Spray, the market leader in cranberry-based consumer products.  And with the cooperation of Ms. Kellyanne Dignan, Manager of Corporate Communications for Ocean Spray, we journeyed about 20 minutes south to its corporate headquarters to spend a few hours exploring the business dynamics of cooperative farming.  Cooperative farming has a unique corporate structure and tax policy that is rarely explored by undergraduate corporate study.  It is nonetheless big business for  Ocean Spray.  The company controls  about 60% share of the global cranberry farming market and unlike independent cranberry farmers its members share in the value of the end product sales.  A discussion about the business and Ocean Spray was led by Jon Cowell, Director and Corporate Controller of the company.  Much of what was discussed related to the organization structure of the company.  As a private company, details of its financials are proprietary.  Nonetheless, much was learned about this very well managed and very successful company.  We estimate its cooperative members earn as much as four times the value of a barrel of cranberries relative to independents.  The difference relates largely to participation in end product sales.

Stonehill Goes West (to Dayton, Ohio) to RISE 2014

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Will Husic represented Stonehill and the FMA at the RISE 2014 conference this past March in Dayton, Ohio.  This was the first year that Stonehill has sent a representative to the Redefining Investment Strategy Conference in Dayton thanks in large part to a grant received from Eastern Bank.  Coverage of the conference was global as CNBC brought a team of journalists to moderate the impressive line up of panelists during the professional day on Thursday.  The network also broadcast interviews from the Dayton University arena as part of its programing on Thursday morning and afternoon.  Host of CNBC Mad Money and founder of TheStreet, Inc., Jim Cramer kicked off the morning sessions with a live feed from New York addressing the guests and responding to questions by the audience.  Keynote Speakers included Sandra Pianalto of the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank and John Rogers, President and CEO of the CFA Institute.  Events on Friday and Saturday morning focused more on portfolio management with presentations led by professionals, faculty and students that participate in student run investment funds.  Will was selected as part of the 2014-15 SCIFI Mary Herlihy Opportunity Fund student managers and gained numerous insights on investment research, evaluation and portfolio management strategies.  He is eager to share the ideas and put some into action in the coming months.  Student run funds also competed in performance competitions with awards handed out to the top performers in various categories on Saturday morning.  We hope that one day soon we will be able to share in this success and pick up a few awards for our fund along the way.

A Look Into The World Of EMC


The FMA Chapter at Stonehill sponsored a field trip to technology giant EMC in Hopkinton on February 7th to meet with alumni to gain better insights on the company and discuss its Financial Training program.  Special thanks to Stonehill alum Kevin Bridgeo and EMC employees Mara Barteck and Katie Swank for pulling together what was a interesting and informative program for Stonehill finance and accounting majors.  The featured speaker was financial executive Pat Collins who provided an interesting overview of finance at EMC.  Also in attendance and heading a Q&A panel session where Stonehill alumni Katerine Moan, Douglas Carter, Corey Adams and Vanessa E2014-02-07 09.11.31gan.  Stonehill College has had a long standing relationship with EMC especially in Finance and Accounting with the assistance of outstanding alumni like Kevin Bridgeo.    The panel of recent alums talked about their experience at the company, its commitment to training and education and the overall corporate culture of EMC.  Student Q&A was very active with a focus on the transition from Stonehill to EMC, how students should think about leveraging their Stonehill education while in school, things to consider when seeking internships and the path to better post graduate finance opportunities.  Our thanks to all that participated in the field visit and especially all the folks at EMC.

2014-02-07 10.34.09











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FMA Honors Gene Cassis as Outstanding Financial Executive

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IMG_5374 The student leadership of the Stonehill Chapter of the FMA honored Stonehill alum Gene Cassis this year as FMA Outstanding Financial Executive.  A strong supporter of our College and our efforts in the FMA, Mr. Cassis became Chief Financial Officer of the Waters Corporation in February 2014.  Since 2001 he served as Corporate Vice President of Business Development and Investor Relations.  After joining Waters in 1980, he held several management positions in operations and product development, including: President and Representative Director of Nihon Waters K.K. (Tokyo, Japan) and Mass Spectrometry Business Unit Manager.  Gene was kind enough l to host the FMA chapter last year as we visited the Waters Corp. in Milford.  Students learned insights on the financial management process as well as first hand observation of the manufacturing of high end life science discovery machines.  Our sincerest thanks to Gene for his commitment to the College and the FMA.

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Stonehill Honored With FMA Superior Chapter

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IMG_0017 2For the second year in a row, the Stonehill Chapter of the FMA was honored by the International organization with its annual Superior Chapter Award. Stonehill was just one of 23 Colleges and Universities to win this year’s Superior Chapter Honor.  Specials thanks is extended from the new officers to Daniella Rellas our former Chapter President for her dedication and tireless effort in helping us earn this award.  As a freshman, Daniella was one of a handful of students who decided to resurrect our Chapter and build an organization that could make a difference on campus for student academic and professional development.   She took over the reigns as co-president in her junior year as she departed the campus in the spring for a study abroad in London .  Upon her return, she stayed on as Chapter President and with her team of student executives, did a tremendous job in leading the activities of the organization in 2012-13.  Danielle graduated this past spring with a BSBA in International  Business.  We look forward to her returning in the year’s ahead to inspire student leadership and idea generation.  Congratulations Daniella!


State Street Professionals Speak to the World of Finance

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Choul Ngoal and Joseph Urban from State Street were able to present some of their experiences and career success to members in FMA.  Choul and Joe are both Stonehill College graduates from the class of 2011 and have been working at State Street from the last several years since graduating.   This session was aimed at giving students the ability to engage these Stonehill alums in an informal nature answering questions and giving advice in regards to interviews, internships, college programs and job searching.  Both Choul and Joe gave praise to Professor Mullen in regards to all the help and guidance they had received as Stonehill students, as well as the importance of his “SCIFI” program, urging students to take advantage of the opportunity.  They continued to stress the importance of talking to professors and professionals within their field to provide valuable information and resources for their journey into the real world.

We are thankful for Joe and Choul’s insight and knowledge of the professional world. The information they shared and the questions that were asked helped add guidance and confidence for the students who attended.

Fidelity Investments “Its About Passion and Commitment”

11.08.2012 · Posted in Career Advice, Financial Management

The Stonehill FMA was pleased to welcome Boston-based Fidelity Investments this past Tuesday.  As a global leader in the asset management business with assets in excess of $3.6 trillion, privately owned Fidelity employs about 40,000 people domestically and is the third largest brokerage trading company in the world.  Chase Martell, Service Manager of the Merrimack, New Hampshire location, provided a short presentation on the firm including a discussion on Fidelity’s growing job and internship opportunities.

“Fidelity places a high value on education, training, and career advancement”, said Mr. Martell.  “For example, Fidelity covers all training costs to assist employees in preparing for their Series 7 and Series 6 exams required by Federal and State regulations making them eligible to sell products such as mutual funds and annuities. Chase described how the national average of passing the Series 7 is only 66%, while Fidelity employees have a 90% average pass rate.  Fidelity also provides financial assistance towards furthering education, such as pursuing an MBA.  It is clear that the company values education and invests in its people’s future.

Mr. Martell touched upon a series of professional opportunities and entry level positions in the company that reflect the strong growth experienced by the company.  Some common areas of employment include finance, accounting, marketing, technology, sales, and actuarial positions.  He mentioned that having a degree in finance / business is an advantage but is a not a necessary criteria through the hiring process.  Successful candidates and employees exhibit a passion in what they do and bring to the firm each and every day.  This is a key part of the Fidelity culture and an important reason for its success over the years.

But Fidelity’s business is not just about investments.  The company is actively involved in sustainability and philanthropy.  It has reduced paper usage rates by 40% through eDelivery; reduced greenhouse emissions by 17%; and has incorporated a more sustainable supply chain.  The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund manages donor-advised funds which are essentially separate foundations within a larger corporate structure.  In just 20 years, the charity has reached over $11 billion in grants, making it the 3rd largest charity in the United States, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  These funds help support 136,000 nonprofit organizations.

The Stonehill FMA greatly appreciates Mr. Martell for taking the time to meet with our members.

Some Great Words Of Advice From Not Your Average Joe

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An entrepreneurial spirit and high energy only begin to describe Joe D’Agostino and his experiences while at Stonehill.  A graduate of the class of 2010, Joe joined the Stonehill Chapter of the FMA last Tuesday evening to share some memories and advice and how his experiences at Stonehill prepared him for an interesting career with the high-growth tech company, TechTarget. (TTGT).  TechTarget is a data mining company that matches tech buyers with tech sellers.  With more than 100 technology specific websites, it provides technology marketers innovative media that, according to the company, delivers unmatched reach via custom advertising, branding and lead generation solutions all built on our extensive network of online and social media. TechTarget is based in Boston (as is Joe) and has locations in Atlanta, Beijing, Cincinnati, London, Mumbai, San Francisco, Singapore, and Sydney.

According to Joe, “Students need to demonstrate leadership and initiative while in College.  Good grades just are not enough to land interesting but very competitive job opportunities”.  He emphasized to the group that getting involved in extracurricular activities such as internships and student clubs, is very important.  It builds important skills and confidence that in class studies do not, which really make a difference post graduation.  Some of the activities highlighted by Joe included an internship with the LoJack Company making sales calls.  In addition he ran his own DJ business to help cover the expense of Tuition and Room & Board.  This was on top of his participation on the Stonehill Track Team.

Today, Joe’s day-to-day account management experience is focused on product sales.   While very challenging, it allows him the opportunity to travel the world and interact with clients face to face.  Something Joe highlighted is key to success.  According to Joe, “Communication is a key selling point in the marketing field so get used to networking right now.  Construct a LinkedIn account and keep that resume updated.”