FMA Visits Boston Beer Company

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Picture1On Friday April 10, 2015, the Financial Management Association did a corporate visit to the Boston Beer Company (and its Samuel Adams Brewery) in Boston. It was a very educational experience on the operations and inner workings of one of the world’s most award winning beer companies. The tour began with a brief history lesson on the company and how it all started in Jim Koch’s kitchen in 1984 when he first brewed Boston Lager. Our group was then given the opportunity to taste test the different types of barely that go into making the beer as well as examining the hops. (photo below). This allowed our group to truly understand what went into the beer consumers drank, where it came from, and the process the Samuel Adam’s company goes through in picking its suppliers. The description of the beer making process quickly ensued, learning about the different processes needed such as fermentation, mashing, milling and many other steps.

The last section of the tour was the taste testing of the beers for those of age, including Summer Ale, Boston Lager, and a trial IPA not yet released to the market. Upon the distribution of the trial IPA we came to learn that the Boston factory is the trial factory. It has created over 60 different styles of beer over the last 31 years and continues this process every year. The Companies larger factories around the area produce the current offerings and send them to distributors and storefronts around the country.   The Boston factory is constantly researching and developing new styles of beer to sell to its consumers, explaining why they have such a large share of the shelves in liquor stores as well as a strong presence in bars all around. It also highlights the company’s relationship to its consumers, including both the drinkers and the storefronts that sell to them. Samuel Adam’s is notorious for its buyback program, a program in which if the beer is past its peak freshness date on the shelves, the company will buy it back from stores for its market value. This ensures that the customer is drinking the best product possible and that the stores and bars selling their product never lose money. Sam Adams is the only brewer with a cooperative program with its distributors to buy back products past its peak freshness date. The high standards Sam Adams sets with the ingredients that go into the product, the long testing process of new beers, and the buyback program illustrate how committed they are to selling the best product possible. This process could be seen as part of the reason the company’s stock has done so well in the last 10 years, rising from $23.70 in 2015 to $262.99 as of April 14, 2015. High customer satisfaction, distributors never having sunk costs due to unsold or expired products, leading to distributors constantly keeping the company on the shelves, both highly promote sales growth.

This was a great experience for all who went to see the operations of a highly successful company and how it’s high standard operations process and customer consideration has impacted its growth and promise. We look forward to our next company trip in the fall, we highly suggest you attend.

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2015 FMA Honor Society Awards

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Congratulations from the College, Business Department Faculty and members of our FMA Chapter to the following students who earned induction into the FMA National Honor Society.  Finance Majors qualify for this special honor given in their senior year if they have maintained a GPA of 3.5 in at least 12 hours of finance courses as well as an overall GPA of 3.25.  Individuals accepted for membership in the Honor Society have the distinction of belonging to the only International honorary that specifically recognizes the achievement of Finance majors and demonstrates their expertise in areas such as financial economics and decision making.

         Daniel Doherty         Jeffrey Genest

Stephen A. Balsamo        Daniel J. Doherty              Jeffrey P. Genest

Daniel Greaney          Carolyn Moodie    

Daniel J. Greaney          Carolyn A. Moodie      Theodore C. Palumbo

Amy Pelletier       Jim Scanlan

  Amy M. Pelletier               James J. Scanlan

Congratulations for this wonderful achievement!

“Lets Talk Money” Well Attended

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FMA Logo 2015Our FMA chapter co-sponsored with Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting Association and the Marketing and Management Association the first annual Personal Finance Seminar entitled “Lets Talk Money”.  The two-hour event was meant for graduating seniors to inform and prepare them for the realities of dealing with personal finance issues such as budgeting, savings programs, 401(k)s, taxes, insurance and fraud.  The seminar was designed as an interactive discussion between our panel of experts, the student leadership panel and the student audience.  We estimate over 80 students came to the event on Saturday afternoon and, based on the electronic poling at the end of the event, believed it was a very worthwhile use of their time.  Our special thanks to the faculty, alumni and guest speakers that helped make the event a huge success.

T2 Biosystems Company Visit

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IMG_5842For our annual fall company visit, members of the FMA joined the analysts of the Herlihy Opportunity Fund and took the opportunity to visit T2 Biosystems (TTOO) located in Lexington, MA.  TTOO is an emerging growth in vitro diagnostics company that has developed an innovative and proprietary technology platform that is designed to offer a rapid, sensitive and simple alternative to existing diagnostic methodologies.  It is using a proprietary  T2 Magnetic Resonance platform, or T2MR, to develop a broad set of applications aimed at lowering mortality rates, improving patient outcomes and reducing the cost of healthcare by helping medical professionals make targeted treatment decisions earlier.  The company went public in the late summer of 2014 and is led by Stonehill Alum and CEO John McDonough and garnered FDA approval of its first test for sepsis.  Students participated in a 2-hour presentation / Q&A discussion about this technical but very interesting product opportunity for the company.

Bob Rivers, President of Eastern Bank, Talks About The Importance Of Long Range Goals

IMG_1018The Marketing and Management Association in cooperation with the Stonehill FMA were honored to host Stonehill Alum Robert Rivers, President of Eastern Bank and member of the Board of Trustees.  Mr. Rivers has been a great friend of the College and the business program.  “Think about where you would like to be when you are 40 years of age” was an exercise that was asked of him by a professor when he attended Stonehill. Back then he imagined he would be president of a bank.  And while he achieved that goal is message centered around two key points.  First, everyone should have a professional goal, one that reaches beyond the probable.  It enables you to create a better professional development path that may lead you to this improbable opportunity.  And second, even if you fall short where ever you are it will likely be a much better place than you might have thought possible in the first place.

Mr Rivers has had an interesting career path.  Working in maintenance at a Bank while at Stonehill to a journey in marketing and a short trip to a senior position at a mid-western bank that lasted a month until the bank was expectantly acquired.  But a call from Eastern Bank brought him back to the Boston area to what became that opportunity thought about some 20 years ago.












Kevin Bridgeo Honored As Financial Executive of the Year

IMG_0985Mr. Kevin Bridgeo of EMC  joined us tonight to accept our chapter’s FMA Outstanding Financial Executive of the Year award.  Every year we present this award to an Alumni who has shown exception dedication to our chapter, Stonehill, its finance program and students.  Mr. Bridgeo currently serves as a senior director of finance at EMC, and has been extremely instrumental in increasing Stonehill’s presence within EMC’s excellent finance rotational program and beyond.  Along with that, he hosted a trip by our FMA chapter to visit the company last year.  This trip was a great opportunity to meet with many members of the team, learn more about the programs offered within the company, and get a detailed look into the company’s operations now and moving forward.  Mr. Bridgeo used the opportunity share with us a bit more about EMC and its corporate culture.  He also talked about his time at Stonehill and provided suggestions on how we might maximize the great opportunity that Stonehill offers us.  Our sincerest thanks to Mr. Bridgeo for his time and assistance in making our chapter of the FMA a great success.

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Suffolk University Talks MBA

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The FMA was lucky enough to be joined by two members of Suffolk to discuss their MS in Finance.  Katelyn Lewis and Professor Jalal informed FMA students about the many opportunities available in this Boston based program.  From providing a broad based alumni network, to the targeted focuses within the MSF program, Suffolk offers a great opportunity for Stonehill students to further their careers through what was presented as an exceptional education experience.  We greatly enjoyed hosting Suffolk, and look forward to a continued relationship with Ms. Lewis and this program.

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Stonehill “Three-peats” As Superior Chapter

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RM8_0465Stonehill College’s FMA chapter is pleased to announce that it has been honored as a Superior Chapter by the FMA International.  This is the third year in a row that the College has received this honor and is among a select group of chapters worldwide to have been designated as a Superior Chapter.  The highest honor for an FMA Student Chapter or Honor Society is the attainment of the Superior Chapter designation. Of the over 200 active student chapters, less than 10% receive this honor each year. Congratulations go to Jim Scanlan and his executive team for their outstanding effort. “This year we had some great speakers and really interesting field visits including a trip to Ocean Spray where we learned about farming co-op business structures and the challenges of selling consumer products”, said Jim.  We are looking forward to another great year in 2014-15.

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