Alexandria Real Estate Equities

04.08.2016 · Posted in Uncategorized

Alexandria-Real-Estate-Equities-Inc_This Friday, the Stonehill FMA and SCIFI, took a trip into Boston to visit the real estate investment trust, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. While there we were able to meet with Mr. Thomas Andrews, Executive VP and Regional Market Director of the Greater Boston area. Mr. Andrews gave us a presentation on the company, its back story and what makes it different.

Alexandria has a portfolio of properties across the county, in cities where the life science industry is prevalent.  Since Alexandria focuses on real estate for tenants in industries such as biotechnical and pharmaceutical, to list a few, all the buildings are specialized to meet the needs of the life science industries. A large portion of the company’s clients consist of companies in the life science industry and because of this, Alexandria has been able perform well over the past few years because of upward trends in the life science industry.

Mr. Andrews also gave us a bit of his backstory and how he got into the business.  He started off like a lot of young people, working at a restaurant, believing that was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life.  One day he decided to apply for the Hotel Administration at Cornell, got in, and somewhere along the line decided the restaurant business wasn’t for him.  He then went to MIT for his masters where he wrote his thesis about what basically later became his career.

We want to thank Mr. Andrews for sharing his personal story, describing Alexandria’s business, and educating us about REITS!

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