Who Is Behind Those Advertisements?

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For our final speaker of the year, the Stonehill FMA brought in Luigi Testa, Senior Director of Finance and Strategy at Nanigans, a software company that is responsible for about 10% of the ads you see on Facebook.  First about Mr. Testa, after graduating Bentley, he started his career off working for a venture capitalist firm, but felt it wasn’t truly what he wanted to do.  He instead shifted his job search to cater more towards opportunities within younger companies under the Business Development department or as a potential Analyst. Mr. Testa stated in regards to his style as a worker, “I am more of a shipbuilder than working on a ship that is already sailing.” Mr. Testa found that he preferred working for smaller companies, where he can interact with everyone and have better access to C-suite level personnel.

Currently at Nanigans, he describes the finance department as being the mold for cement, in other words, his job is to make sure that everyone else has enough resources and structure to succeed.  Mr. Testa had a lot of advise for us, but what he emphasized most was to at some point in your life try to take a job in sales. The skills and experiences you will learn as a salesperson will most definitely benefit you in most other professions.

Mr. Testa described Nanigans as a software supplier, it is similar to software used for high frequency trading, only this software is used for marketing on social media platforms.  Software like this accounts for the mega data that is on the internet and filters it to a state that is understandable and user friendly.  Mr. Testa described Nanigan’s software as the Ferrari of the industry because it is luxurious, powerful, and respected. It was interesting hearing about how important software is to businesses and how prevalent it is in our own lives, yet we sometimes overlook its importance.

In conclusion of his presentation, Zack Van Dyke, the FMA President, presented Mr. Testa with the Professional Honor Society award. Zack Van Dyke has had the pleasure of working with Mr. Testa as an intern and has developed a strong relationship with both Mr. Testa and Nanigans. We again want to thank Mr. Testa for coming in to speak with us, it was a pleasure and we wish you best of luck in your success.

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