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Tuesday night, September 20th, Professor Mullen was the guest speaker, and gave an excellent presentation emphasizing the opportunities being a member of the FMA. His first and primary point was joining the National FMA Organization. Professor Mullen explained that it is very easy to become a member. There is a thirty-five dollar entrance fee; however, the benefits exceed the fee of becoming a member.  Members receive a booklet including valuable information on career opportunities and professional certifications as well as the opportunity to receive the honorable Collegiate Fellow Award given to students academically worthy. We then explored the FMA International website, which then lead into Professor Mullen’s introduction to the Stock Market Simulation.

The Stock Market Simulation is open to all students and is meant to be a fun experience with tremendous upside. In addition to a great learning experience, the winner will receive a commendable prize. Students involved are required to invest a minimum of $100,000 in an unlimited number of stocks. The simulation is meant for students to tune into economic news and world development. To better improve your chances of winning, students were
recommended to research basic fundamentals of the economy, such as earning estimates and basic valuations of businesses. The idea is to follow “trends” that will help you better understand and appreciate what is going on in the world around you.

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