Fidelity Investments “Its About Passion and Commitment”

11.08.2012 · Posted in Career Advice, Financial Management

The Stonehill FMA was pleased to welcome Boston-based Fidelity Investments this past Tuesday.  As a global leader in the asset management business with assets in excess of $3.6 trillion, privately owned Fidelity employs about 40,000 people domestically and is the third largest brokerage trading company in the world.  Chase Martell, Service Manager of the Merrimack, New Hampshire location, provided a short presentation on the firm including a discussion on Fidelity’s growing job and internship opportunities.

“Fidelity places a high value on education, training, and career advancement”, said Mr. Martell.  “For example, Fidelity covers all training costs to assist employees in preparing for their Series 7 and Series 6 exams required by Federal and State regulations making them eligible to sell products such as mutual funds and annuities. Chase described how the national average of passing the Series 7 is only 66%, while Fidelity employees have a 90% average pass rate.  Fidelity also provides financial assistance towards furthering education, such as pursuing an MBA.  It is clear that the company values education and invests in its people’s future.

Mr. Martell touched upon a series of professional opportunities and entry level positions in the company that reflect the strong growth experienced by the company.  Some common areas of employment include finance, accounting, marketing, technology, sales, and actuarial positions.  He mentioned that having a degree in finance / business is an advantage but is a not a necessary criteria through the hiring process.  Successful candidates and employees exhibit a passion in what they do and bring to the firm each and every day.  This is a key part of the Fidelity culture and an important reason for its success over the years.

But Fidelity’s business is not just about investments.  The company is actively involved in sustainability and philanthropy.  It has reduced paper usage rates by 40% through eDelivery; reduced greenhouse emissions by 17%; and has incorporated a more sustainable supply chain.  The Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund manages donor-advised funds which are essentially separate foundations within a larger corporate structure.  In just 20 years, the charity has reached over $11 billion in grants, making it the 3rd largest charity in the United States, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  These funds help support 136,000 nonprofit organizations.

The Stonehill FMA greatly appreciates Mr. Martell for taking the time to meet with our members.

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