State Street Professionals Speak to the World of Finance

04.17.2013 · Posted in Alumni, Career Advice, Financial Management

Choul Ngoal and Joseph Urban from State Street were able to present some of their experiences and career success to members in FMA.  Choul and Joe are both Stonehill College graduates from the class of 2011 and have been working at State Street from the last several years since graduating.   This session was aimed at giving students the ability to engage these Stonehill alums in an informal nature answering questions and giving advice in regards to interviews, internships, college programs and job searching.  Both Choul and Joe gave praise to Professor Mullen in regards to all the help and guidance they had received as Stonehill students, as well as the importance of his “SCIFI” program, urging students to take advantage of the opportunity.  They continued to stress the importance of talking to professors and professionals within their field to provide valuable information and resources for their journey into the real world.

We are thankful for Joe and Choul’s insight and knowledge of the professional world. The information they shared and the questions that were asked helped add guidance and confidence for the students who attended.

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