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Carlo Agostino, second generation owner of Natale’s Men’s Clothier, located in Norwell MA, came in to talk to the FMA about, you guessed it, men’s (and women’s) apparel. Carlo gave us a bit of history on how Natale’s Men’s Clothier came to be. It all started with how his father; an Italian immigrant with very little money, but a talent for tailoring was able to open a retail store in the United States. Growing up, Carlo was heavily involved with his father’s business. This involvement enabled Carlo to gain deep knowledge of appropriate fashion and fashion construction.


The store carries men’s and women’s clothing of the highest quality. Carlo explained to us that he personally samples and tests all of his materials before confirming an order to ensure that it will meet his standards. Along with the high quality clothing, Carlo guarantees that you will also receive high quality customer service from the minute you walk in the door until you finalized your purchase.

Carlo also was kind enough to provide us with many tips on our wardrobe and how to dress appropriately for any occasion. One of his biggest tips for looking good, is being comfortable and wearing something that fits correctly. Even an inexpensive starter suit can be tailored to make you feel like a million bucks. Carlo brought in suits of different fabric weight, quality, and price. The purpose was to show us the differences in the texture and structure of the garment depending upon the type of materials used. He was able to show us the difference of a poorly constructed suit versus a suit found in his store.Natales Clothing 2

When it comes to your first suit, Carlo advised us to go with a deep ink blue. It is versatile and practical, and more appropriate (in most cases) than black. You can pair the blue or navy jacket with grey, camel, or khaki pants, and any number of colored shirts.  However, white and blue shirts are the most popular and versatile.

He also told us to always go with a cotton shirt as apposed to polyester or synthetic materials, because it is most breathable.  No one wants to sweat more and he advised to dry clean your clothing more often than you think to maintain the integrity of the clothing. Carlo also defined the different types of garments and explained how some people often mislabel certain types of clothing. For example, a button down shirt does not refer to a shirt with only buttons down the front, rather it refers to whether the collar buttons down or not too.  He also advised that while watches, belts and shoes are important to complete a man’s look, accessories are equally important to a woman’s look.

It was refreshing to meet someone like Carlo, a man that takes pride in continuing what his father started and deeply cares for his store and customers experience. Carlo will happily assist you with any possible questions you may have about color coordinating, suits, pants, ties or any garment in men’s clothing. What sets Natale’s apart from big department stores, is the care that Carlo has for making his customers look and feel their best, not just the sale. We strongly encourage that you visit their newly revamped website www.NatalesClothing.com and to visit Carlo whenever you are in the Norwell area!

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