Accounting and Finance Networking Night on September 19th

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The FMA, Accounting Association and Beta Alpha Psi extend their thanks and support to the folks in our Career Services Office for  what should be a terrific evening for students interesting in internships and post-graduate opportunities in the accounting and finance fields.  All students on campus are welcome and of course we hope that members of the FMA come out in force to meet and greet our guests on campus.

Here are some of the companies that will be attending this event:  Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Company,  P.C., Becker Professional Education,  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts,  Blum Shapiro & Company,  P.C., Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.,  Deloitte, Edelstein & Company LLP,  EMC Corporation,  Feeley & Driscoll, P.C.,  G.T. Reilly & Company,  HarborOne Credit Union,  Kirkland Albrecht & Fredrickson,  LLC, MFS Investment Management,  Northwestern Mutual Financial Network,  O’Connor & Drew, P.C.,  Parent, McLaughlin & Nangle, PricewaterhouseCoopers,  The Professional Alliance, Inc.,  W.B. Mason,  Walter & Shuffain, P.C.,  Wolf & Company, P.C., and  WTAS, LLC.

We hope to see you there!

Stonehill SGA Honors FMA

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On Sunday, May 8th at its annual awards banquet, the Stonehill College Student Government Association (SGA) honored our Chapter of the FMA with the “Most Improved Club on Campus” Award.  Representatives of the club were on hand to receive the award.  When informed of the honor, club faculty advisor,  Professor Mullen, said, “Leadership of the club has worked hard all year to make a difference for its members and for Stonehill College.  I am happy to see that the student leaders of the SGA agree with me in that the year was a remarkable success and something for future officers to build on.  My congratulations to the officers and its members.”

Tyler Hebert Appointed FMA Collegiate Fellow

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FMA Chapter President and graduating senior Tyler Hebert has received the honor of Collegiate Fellow from the FMA International for his outstanding contributions to the FMA Chapter and exemplary collegiate record here at Stonehill College. The FMA Collegiate Fellows Program recognizes outstanding FMA chapter members who have made meaningful contributions in service to their chapter and/or college throughout the year. Students must be nominated for this honor by their chapter or faculty advisor. Nominated students must have demonstrated one or more significant achievements during the current academic year.  On behalf of the FMA and the College, we extend our sincerest congratulations to Tyler for the award.

Six Stonehill College Seniors Inducted Into FMA National Honor Society

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The Stonehill College Faculty Advisor Committee of the FMA National Honor Society is pleased to announce the following Stonehill College Seniors have been inducted for the 2010-11 academic year:

Caroline Adams, Vincent Catricala, Tyler Hebert, Harry Livingston, Maura O’Brien and Emily Rousseau.

The FMA National Honor Society recognizes scholastic achievement through induction of students who have demonstrated superior scholarship. Individuals accepted for membership in the Honor Society have the distinction of belonging to the ONLY international honorary which specifically recognizes the achievement of finance majors and demonstrates their expertise in areas such as financial economics and decision making.

Congratulations to all !

Brainstorming Party A Success

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The Stonehill Chapter of the Financial Management Association held its first annual year end banquet on Friday, April 29th.  The event was well attended and club members were excited to enjoy a catered Chicken Parmesan dinner along with refreshments and desert.  Members completed a year end survey as well as participated in a brainstorming session, generating ideas for next year’s club meetings.  The Financial Management Association would like to thank Sodexo Foodservices for catering the event along with the Business Department for their continued support and sponsorship.  We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Intelligent Mutual Fund Investing

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On April 7, nearly 60 Stonehill students and faculty turned out to hear Dr. Ani Chitaley of Investment Risk Management Systems present on “The Science & Art of Successful Mutual Fund Investing”.  A former colleague of Professor Meng, Dr. Chitaley and his associate Anthony DuBon presented a lively discussion on what investors need to consider when evaluating which mutual funds to select for investment.  After leaving a long and successful career at Fidelity Management, Dr. Chitaley founded Investment Risk Management Systems Inc.  Its business focus is on data mining, analyzing and evaluating the returns of mutual funds and the capabilities of its portfolio managers as a way of improving the potential for better mutual fund investing in the future.

Driven by a personal need for assurance on how he should select investment vehicles for his own money, Dr. Chitaley found reasons to be very critical of the investment process of selecting mutual funds and less confident of the value added by established rating agencies such as Morningstar.  He created an extensive data base using reported daily mutual fund data and a proprietary algorithm to help invests truly differentiate one fund from another.  Marketed under the brand name Fund Reveal, students here were offered the opportunity to sign up and get free access to the Fund Real tool.

It was a terrific presentation and we appreciated the time spent here on campus by Dr. Chitaley and Mr. DuBon.

Ani Chitaley holds a ScD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, a Masters from IIT Bombay, and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University. He has worked in management, consulting and engineering roles with Digital Equipment Corporation, Booz & Company and other firms including his own manufacturing start-up. Ani was with Fidelity Investments for 11 years, where he applied his diverse experience to create industry leading solutions in trading and investment management.  His colleague,  Anthony DuBon , holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard College. He has had numerous  management, consulting, and operational management roles since graduating from Yale in 1983. At Inland Steel and Digital Equipment Corporation Anthony led efforts that bridged the gap between operational requirements and integrated computing. Anthony joined Fidelity in 1995 and managed the transformation of the Fixed Income Mutual Funds division implementing Targeted Active Management, radically improving investment performance.

FMA Stock Simulation Nearly Half Way Complete

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The “Stonehill Stock Simulation” began in early November 2010 with the primary aim being for students to familiarize themselves with the markets and to make a solid risk-adjusted return.  Now that the participants have had time to choose their stocks and ETFs, let’s check up on the top 20 performers.  If students had purchased the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) and simply taken on the aggregate risk of the market, they would have made a 4.26% return as of January 28th, 2010.  Of course, the students (and mutual fund managers alike) realize that they can outsmart the market, so none of the participants invested all of their money into “SPY”.

Notice that 8 out of the top 20 participants are outperforming the market.  Congratulations to T.J. Horrego for doubling the market return.  However, we must be wary to not assume that those in the lead are the best investors by adjusting their return for the greater risk they are undertaking.  For example, if a student were to select and hold only one stock and that stock happened to perform very well during the sample period, this student would boast a very high return.  Nonetheless, he or she is also taking on a high amount of risk because the portfolio has not been diversified.  To adjust for a portfolio’s risk, one must have access to the holdings of the portfolio and the betas of each of the stocks or ETFs.  Also, keep in mind that the overall market has been in decline the past two weeks.  Therefore, some of the participants may have had higher returns at different point in time.

To view the instructions on how to sign up for the “Stonehill Stock Simulation” please click on the tab labeled “STOCK SIMULATION” in the horizontal navigation bar on the top of the page.

Attorney Stephen King Addresses The FMA, Pre-Law and Accounting Associations

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The Stonehill Financial Management Association was grateful to present guest speaker, Attorney Stephen King, on Monday, January 24th, 2011 in Martin Auditorium.  Mr. King is a graduate of Stonehill College and Suffolk Law School.  As an especially successful alumnus, he is the Director of Regulatory Compliance at Wolf & Company and the first non-CPA partner at the firm.

Attorney Stephen King and Tyler Draper, Communications Director

From the time King was a young boy he had the dream of becoming a lawyer.  With dedication, preparation, and a strong work ethic, he was able to accomplish this goal.  He took advantage of every career and life opportunity which led him to where he is today.

This special event included collaborating with The Pre-Law Society and Accounting Association.  Due to the cross-disciplinary relevance, Mr. King’s insight was beneficial to all finance, business, accounting, and pre-law majors.  His vast professional experience and background drew in the largest audience thus far.

During the question and answer session, Mr. King responded to students’ questions and concerns regarding what to expect upon graduating and entering the work force.  He offered inside tips on resumes and interviewing, networking, professionalism, ethics, teamwork, and motivation.  Mr. King explained how prospective employees should conduct extensive research on the company and come prepared with questions.  He also stressed the importance of effective communication and applying skills learned in the classroom to real world situations.

Mr. King was confident and comfortable as he could easily relate to his audience which consisted of knowledge-seeking college students.  With a positive and comical, yet realistic approach, King kept the group members actively engaged. The career Mr. King has built for himself gives current Stonehill students hope and inspiration for what the future could have in store for them.

Stonehill Grads Top Most Investment Pros

It is tough to beat the stock market.  Or so any skilled investment professional will likely tell you.  And it appears that this past year was no exception as a majority of mutual fund managers in every style category underperformed its benchmarks in 2010.  According to a recent Goldman Sachs report, it estimates that 62% – 81% of mutual fund managers with a “Large Cap” investment  focus unperformed their benchmark.

So its hats off and congratulations to the Class of 2010 Finance majors (and you too Kyle and Tom) that participated in the creation of the Skyhawk Investments paper portfolio in BUS 430 this past February.  For the 10 months ending December, the Skyhawk Investments portfolio beat its “Large Cap” bogey, the S&P 500, by 169 basis points, putting the portfolio easily in the top 20% of Large Cap Investment Funds.

Academics have argued that overall top-down asset allocation decisions explain over 90% of the comparative performance of investment funds.  Skyhawk Investments wanted to take this a step further and see if student teams could identify the fundamental direction of an industry segment of the S&P 500 and make a simple recommendation  — to market-weight, overweight or underweight that industry in the portfolio.  Recommendations were weighed against the merit of the analysis, valuation and economic outlook of each industry.  And of course, in the end, the student  managers needed to agree on a balanced portfolio construction.  Company specific risk was minimized by using Exchange Traded Funds as the primary investment vehicles.  Volatility relative to the S&P 500 was expected to be minimal given the portfolio strategy, and it was.  But what was most impressive was how well each  recommendation did relative to  sector performance.  Underweight positions in Health Care, Utilities, Consumer Staples and Financials were spot on!  As was the overweight recommendations for Consumer Discretionary and to a lesser degree in Technology.  Market-weight positions in Energy and Industrials proved a bit conservative, but did not hurt the portfolio’s relative performance.  Only the underweight position in Materials proved to be a negative to the portfolio’s performance but with a sector weighting of just 3.4%, the impact was minimal.

Admittedly, the performance was for just 10 months but keep in mind that once the student managers agreed upon the weightings of the respective investments, allocations remained unchanged through year-end.  So again, congratulations to our Stonehill colleagues for  a job well done and for setting the standard for this year’s BUS 430 Advanced Investment Finance participants.

Skyhawk Investments managers for Spring 2010 included:

Thomas Ambrogio ‘11

Kyle Brown ’11

Thomas Capecelatro’10

Brendan Connors ’10

Kevin Cronauer ’10

Michael Daraio ’10

Brian Dewey ’10

Emily Gabree ’10

Ryan Healy ’10

Anthony Jianaces ’10

Gerald Leone ’10

Mathew Missett ’10

James Moniz ’10

Kaitlyn Robinson ’10

Chris Rogers ’10

Brian Smith ’10

FMA Offering Opportunity To Get Noticed In Competitive Job Market

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“All employees in all industries are seeking one major resume item: leadership.”

So says job hunting expert, Lindsey Pollak, in her October blog posted on paraphrasing a panel discussion of prominent CEOs from three different industries – professional services, social media and nonprofit in a discussion about how students can best prepare themselves for job hunting and professional development.

The article goes on to say:

Why is leadership so important? Employers want leaders because they are the people who are responsible, trustworthy and motivated. Leaders are good communicators. Leaders are courageous. Leaders get things done.
Gaining leadership experience and demonstrating leadership success can be accomplished at any age or stage of life (think of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, which are most people’s earliest experience with leadership training). If you’re currently in college, you’ve probably demonstrated some leadership abilities already, because leadership is a strong factor in college admissions.

While this is great advice and worth noting, we are also bringing it to your attention as the aggressive agenda of your FMA this year has presented numerous opportunities for members to take chair and/or co-chair positions in some very important projects that the FMA hopes to accomplish before the end of the year. So if you are interested in making an important contribution to the FMA as well as to put something noteworthy on your resume, contact your FMA officers over the break or immediately upon return and get involved.

See the full article on as well as other great career development advice.