Del Berrada Presents to FMA

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On Wednesday, December 1st, the Financial Management Association was honored to welcome guest speaker, Del Berrada to Stonehill. Having had a long and successful career in the financial services industry, Mr. Berrada was pleased to share with us some of his more interesting challenges and experiences. In addition, he offered a wealth of advice on the key personal attributes and knowledge skills we should employ in our careers as well as our personal lives. Accompanying Del was his wife Ann Berrada, who also kind enough to share her thoughts on several educational / life lessons.

Mr. Berrada served for over two decades (1983-2006) as a senior adviser to Fidelity Investments’ executive leadership. His primary responsibilities as Senior Vice President and Managing Director included advising leadership on matters of strategy development, organizational & operational design, and risk management. In the business environment, he was a team player, but also thrived by working hard, working smart, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Prior to joining Fidelity Investments, Mr. Berrada spent a decade (1974-1983) in leadership positions in MIS and Managerial Accounting. Mr. Berrada is a graduate of The University Institute of Technology (France 1971) majoring in Accounting and Information Systems. He studied English and Economics at Columbia University (NY 1972), and received an MBA with honors from Northeastern University (Boston 1974). His journey from Casablanca, Morocco to the United States has allowed Mr. Berrada to attend some elite institutions where he gained the necessary knowledge and tools to compete in the corporate world.

In addition, Mr. Berrada emphasized the importance of intellectual curiosity by stating that education background, practical experiences, and life lessons are critical to one’s success. Mr. Berrada also noted the importance of developing a clear vision for what one would like to achieve in the future. “By maintaining a sense of direction, one becomes less likely to get side tracked.” Most importantly, he concluded “the key to an individual’s success lies within his or her personal attributes.” These imperative personal attributes include conducting oneself with the utmost integrity, competing fairly, reinventing oneself, and balancing his or her life adequately.

Mr. Berrada also encouraged us to giving back to the community. Since his retirement from corporate life in 2006, Mr. Berrada is dedicating most of his energy to advising non-profit organizations including the YMCA and other South Shore based philanthropic causes.

Successful Stonehill Alum Returns With Some Insight To Getting To Wall Street

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Dan Monaco engaged in conversation with the audience.

On Thursday, October 28th, the Financial Management Association was proud to welcome back Dan Monaco ‘06 of Fidelity Management & Research in Boston. Dan had a very successful college career at Stonehill and was able to provide FMA members with valuable advice regarding ways to follow in his footsteps.

Addressing an audience of about 30 students and faculty in Martin Auditorium, Dan reflected on his academic experience at Stonehill and his pursuit of a career on Wall Street. While majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics, Dan completed three internships, played football, and graduated with a high GPA.

Emphasizing hard work both inside and outside the classroom, he suggested that students needed to be proactive with their education including keeping up with financial news on a daily basis, reading books in the field of professional interest and getting involved through internships and campus organizations. He noted that while networking is helpful in searching for jobs and internships, hard work and determination are the keys to success.

Dan recalled an important interview where he felt unprepared when asked about financial news and the stock market. In order to better prepare himself for his next interview he refocused his day to day activities to include the reading of the Wall Street Journal, educating himself on current economic events and important investment issues. Dan suggested to the audience a series of books that students interested in investment careers might want to consider reading including “The Essays of Warren Buffet: Lessons for Corporate America.”

Rather than a traditional lecture or speech, Dan felt comfortable with having a dialogue. This allowed for curious members to get questions answered, to receive advice, etc. After Dan’s presentation, he spent a while helping motivated students with internship, education, and career advice over some coffee and doughnuts. Emails were exchanged and relationships were built at the meeting. It was a great success. On behalf of the FMA, we would like to thank Dan for all his efforts.

Welcome to the World of Finance!

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FMA Logo 2015

This is an exciting time to be a member of the Stonehill Chapter of the Financial Management Association (FMA) and we encourage all Stonehill College students with an interest in Finance  to join the FMA .

It has been a busy start to the new academic year.  In the past month we have renewed our association with the prestigious Financial Management Association International, launched the first club-based website on campus, established the Stonehill Financial Management Association “Facebook” page for ease of communication among members and interested friends.   In addition we have many educational and career-oriented events  planned throughout the semester.

Our Mission  is closely aligned with the mission of the FMA International as we seek to broaden the common interests between academics and practitioners; to provide opportunities for professional development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices; and to enhance the quality of education in finance.  Along with this shared mission, the Stonehill Chapter of FMA was formed in order to assist in the professional, educational, and social development of college students interested in finance, banking and investments; to provide an association for college students actively interested in these fields; and to encourage interaction between business executives, faculty and students of business and finance.

Students who are considering joining the Stonehill FMA should think of the association as a helpful and necessary complement to the classes they are taking at Stonehill.  The Financial Management Association will provide members with experiences and opportunities that were otherwise not possible and allow students to interact with a community of individuals seeking greater financial knowledge.