What Does it Cost to Change the World?

Watch This Video First!

Here you have a thirteen year old kid with the mindset that he can change the world. Some might think, “Oh that’s cute but what real change can a teenager make?” Julien, however, has a distinct yet pretty simple plan: get people to donate a mere $2. But how can $2 ever make a real impact on something as enormous as global poverty? The answer: word of mouth. If you donate $2 and get just 10 others to donate their own $2, and then they do the same, and this happens only three more times then that far off goal of $2,000,000 will have already been surpassed!

Now, you may be wondering, this is great but how can it relate to my nonprofit? Well Julien has some advice for that as well. Getting the right publicity is key but leveraging that publicity correctly is even more important.  Here is some word-for-word advice from this insightful thirteen year old:

Benefits of Different Media Outlets:
“Social media allows us to maintain steady low activity,” he says. “It’s immediate and keeps people aware. But if people aren’t in the space of mind to donate or share, they see it and it’s gone. Plus, it’s generated by us. Traditional media shows we’re getting attention and are relevant. It adds a different level of hype.”

Make Your Story Distinct:
“If you’re unique, even if you’re kind of out there, you have a better chance of being noticed and becoming known. If you follow the standard formula, if you’re basically saying, ‘Donate — we’re good,’ you’re part of a standard and nothing sets you apart. The two-bucks idea is nontraditional. It empowers anyone to make a difference and draws people in.”

Know How & Where to Direct the Conversation:
“I don’t wing it, but I answer naturally, and I know I need to say, ‘Go to the website.’ It’s the final-stage contact. It’s where people go to donate and get the info they might need.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Aim Big:
“The ultimate mission is to go viral. That’s a pretty lofty goal, but we need it to go national or global. A perfect world would be coverage on something like ‘The Ellen [DeGeneres] Show,’ or a major blog picking it up, or a major name tweeting it. What would come out of coverage like that is the Archimedes Alliance would become more self-sustaining. It would still take a lot of effort, but it would spread on its own.”

Quotes taken from Entreprenuer.com “Lessons in Traditional PR. . . From a 14-Year-Old Philanthropist“ http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/225725