Humor for the Helpful

Oftentimes there is a tone of seriousness that emanates from the nonprofit sector. I’m sure we can picture that boss wagging a finger saying “What we’re doing is no joking matter! People need to know we are serious about combating this disease or ending this social injustice. There is no time for laughing.” False. There is always time for a laugh. In fact it will probably help make you more productive if you can let go of the stresses of such an emotionally demanding job for a few minutes. And what better way to get this laugh than by laughing at yourself? One blog has managed to create just this opportunity. Non-Profit Humor is a unique site that has taken on the challenge of bringing humor to the nonprofit world. With articles such as “47 local charities mistakenly have gala fundraiser all on the same night” or “Group of monkeys locked in a room finally figures out what donations are tax receiptable” you’re bound to get a good laugh. Just remember these are all fictional stories. Apparently some people in the nonprofit world actually thought our first communication with aliens was through a fundraising appeal letter… Haha. Anyways, I hope this site can help remind you that taking things too seriously all the time is unhealthy and just plain boring. Enjoy!