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I recently came to the realization that I want to work with nonprofit organizations after graduation, but with that also came the realization that there is currently only one class at Stonehill offered on this subject. That’s when I discovered the Center for Nonprofit Management. Offering a range of internships, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain the knowledge of the nonprofit world that I was looking for. Three of their most popular internship opportunities include: CNM Program Intern; CNM Marketing & Social Media Intern; and CNM Resource Room Intern.

If you’re someone who is detail oriented, organized, and excited to learn the basics of running the Center then the Program Intern position is perfect for you. You will get the chance to help coordinate programs, analyze the feedback, and work with CNM Staff directly to complete daily tasks and operations. This is definitely a position that will give you an insider’s look into the nonprofit management world.

The Marketing & Social Media Intern focuses on getting the word out about CNM to its clients and the community. If you have a passion for this area or the communication area in general then this is the right internship choice for you. You will be given the opportunity to research and develop content for a variety of social media channels for both internal and external outreach.  You will also have a hands-on role with CNM’s print, email and web media.  

Lastly, if you have strong research and interpersonal skills then consider putting them to use as a CNM Resource Room Intern.  This is by far the most social internship with the greatest opportunity to work directly with nonprofit clients. You will become familiar with the widely used Foundation Directory Online and GuideStar databases through your grant and peer research for local nonprofit employees and volunteers. You will also meet with these clients directly to discuss your research on their behalf. This internship will give you a direct look into the resource and management needs of nonprofits.

Each of these internships offers their own unique look into nonprofit workings and provides you with your own tailored experience working alongside them.

Meet this past semester’s interns!
Interested in applying? Contact Sarah Varadian at infononprofit@stonehill.edu