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December's Featured Resource
Blue Avocado is an online ‘practical, provocative and fun food-for-thought’ blog specifically designed for nonprofits. The site offers articles on the trendiest news of the moment. Some articles are just fun to read and others give practical insights into board governance, financing, etc. Browse through today and see what you can find! Post a comment about what you found useful!


News and Online Journals

Boston Business Journal

What it is: Boston Business Journal is a weekly newspaper which originates from Boston,
MA. It was established in 1981. It offers news articles, upcoming events, job
postings, marketing, how-to-videos and so much more.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is an online and print newspaper that has information to help nonprofits and philanthropists. The news source was established in 1988. Some of the content is locked, but there is one easy step in
unlocking it: create a FREE account. All of this information is at your finger tips. This information includes, but is not limited to: today’s news, how to fundraise, tips and strategies on using social media, listings of grants and jobs and SO much more!

The Enterprise

The Enterprise is a local daily newspaper in Brockton, MA. It reports what is happening around the area. In 2006, it was named Newspaper of the Year by The New England Newspaper Association.

The NonProfit Times

The NonProfit Times is an online newspaper in New Jersey. They offer many articles in a wide variety of categories. Such categories include: advocacy, branding, fundraising, research, social media and much more! It’s all located in an easy to find tab: Search Articles. It is one of the top publications for nonprofits.

Nonprofit Quarterly

The Nonprofit Quarterly is an online magazine that is published 4 times a year.  It can also be purchased in print. They offer many philanthropic articles, which help nonprofit leaders in management and fundamental practices.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

This website provides a multitude of general articles about all things related to non-profits, from fundraising to corporate philanthropy and much more.  The articles are published in the magazine but most can be reviewed on the site’s blog.  Webinars are also posted on the site for a small fee on a variety of topics.

Non Profit Resource Center

The center is located in California, however, many online resources are available on the website.  There are many general articles and getting started tools that can be accessed under the tools tab on the website.  This site is great for anyone just browsing for interesting new general resources that are free, not for specific questions that need to be answered.

Nonprofit Databases

Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is a nonprofit organization located in New York. They offer databases with information for other nonprofits. They mainly focus on grant programs and fundraising, and have been for over 50 years. They have also created Foundation Directory Online (FDO) which is one of the best online funding research resources in the nation.



Guide Star

Guide Star is an online free resource dedicated to gathering and providing information about nonprofits to the public.  One can search a nonprofit and find information about their mission, board of directors, form 990, revenues, expenses, and much more. To gain access to all the information available you can register with the site for free.  Individual nonprofits can also update/customize their page on the site with their mission, impact statement, and more.


Compass Point

Based out of the San Francisco area, Compass Point provides many services to non-profits including workshops, conferences, and online resources.  Many of the in person services like workshops are not available to organizations not in the California are but the online resources are still very useful.


Great Nonprofits

Started in 2007 Great Nonprofits is a site dedicated to rating nonprofits.  Anyone that has been connected to the organization through volunteering, donations, or individuals who have benefitted from their services can comment on and rate the nonprofits.  Ratings from three separate websites (Guidestar, CharityNavigator, and GlobalGiving) are all coalesced into one document on the Great Nonprofits site.  This database represents the largest collection of personal stories and ratings of nonprofits available.



Capaciteria is a free service dedicated to providing resources to nonprofits to build their capacity powered by Idea Encore (see listing below).  The site organizes online and pdf resources that could be useful for nonprofits.  The site is slightly confusing to work with because of the large number of resources available.  After a little searching though, the resources can be very helpful.

Idea Encore

Idea Encore provides valuable resources to nonprofits that can be accessed for free on the web. Users can upload sites they have found useful and search for sites that others have already uploaded as well.  This site provides the same information as Capaciteria but in an easier to use format because the resources can be accessed directly from the Idea Encore website.

Nonprofit Tools

KnowHow NonProfit

KnowHow NonProfit is a website that is specifically designed to help nonprofits.  It is a blog which allows people to rate the articles and give feedback – negative and positive, or any additional comments. They offer advice on how to work as a team, fundraise, communicate through the media, use social media and much more.


Get Ready, Get Set

Get Ready, Get Set is a publication written by the California Management Assistance Partnership and provides a quick summary of how to start a non-profit.  The authors also aim to help one realize if starting a non-profit is really the best way to achieve their objectives.  This resource is great if people want to make change but need to decide the best course of action to do so, and it is free!


Blue Avocado

Blue Avocado is an online, free, blog that updates their site with the newest, trendiest topics in the non-profit sector right now.  This site is great to browse through weekly to read new articles being published about a wide variety of topics.  To narrow down your browsing there are tabs of all the columns Blue Avocado has written, as well.

Funding Your Organization


Causes is a free, user-friendly, online tool for up and coming non-profits to build support, raise money, and gain momentum all through the web and social media.  How it works: any individual can use one of nine templates that Causes has set up to advertise a cause of choice.  The individual can upload videos, information, and updates to their cause as they choose and can easily share the information through Facebook or other social media outlets.   The public can then view the information on the Causes site and can donate, pledge, or just show support for the cause in question.  So far Causes has been extremely successful with over 170 million people taking action for over 500,000 unique causes.  This may be the best way to get a small non-profit on the map because of its streamlined, easy to use set up.


Foundation Directory Online

Part of the larger organization, Foundation Center, FDO is specifically designed to help grant seekers locate possible funding opportunities.  FDO pulls together information from a variety of reliable sources and puts it all together in one easy to use search engine in order to more effectively connect grant makers and seekers.  The site does require a subscription but the site can be accessed for free from the Virtual Resource room or the Resource Room at the Center for Nonprofit Management.  Make a reservation today!



Started in 2010 by actor Edward Norton, Crowdrise is an online platform for fundraising, crowdsourcing, social networking, and contests.  The site is slightly confusing to navigate because of the witty/sarcastic remarks added by the creators trying to put the ‘fun in fundraising’.   Individuals can start a fundraiser page on the site for free and then the public can easily donate to the project. Crowdrise gives points out to donators which can be redeemed for free stuff from Crowdrise, increasing donations as well.    Crowdrise takes a small processing fee for donations and the rest goes directly to the charity of choice.   The site is meant to be a fun and interactive way to donate in the new digital age that maximizes yields to the charity of choice because of the low cost, online, method of fundraising.


Network For Good

As the leading web resource for online fundraising, Network For Good provides resources for nonprofits and companies to increase their online fundraising.  For a monthly fee, nonprofits can set up a secure way to process credit card donations online, either on their own sites or on the NFG site.  NFG also provides other resources such as email support, event organization, and fundraising fundamentals articles.


Donors Choose is an online fundraising site designed specifically for education.  Teachers can post a project request for materials needed in their classroom, providing a description of how the materials will be used.  Donors can then browse the site and donate to the project of their choice.  Once the project is complete the donor receives a breakdown of how the money was spent and photos of the project being implemented in the classroom.  While narrow in scope, this site provides a reliable format to make a difference in public education.


First Giving

First Giving provides a platform for nonprofits to advertise their cause and then individuals start a page to fundraise for their favorite organization.  The site charges a fee to nonprofits to set up an account and use the fundraising software but is free for individuals who start a page and all donations to individual’s page go directly to their specified registered nonprofit.



An online fundraising resource where nonprofits set up a campaign homepage automatically linking to a previously made webpage for the nonprofits.  Givezooks provides fundraising support by analyzing donation data and providing credit card processing software for a monthly fee.  This site is great for small nonprofits or schools that already have member support offline.



HelpAttack is a new way to fundraise using social media to engage supporters.  How does it work? Causes sign up for free with HelpAttack and post on facebook or twitter asking supporters to help their cause.  Anyone can then pledge any amount they would like for any social media action they choose, like a post, #hashtag, tweet, like, or comment.  Once someone pledges, for example 90 cents for every tweet for 30 days, HelpAttack keeps track of the pledge for you and at the end of the pledge period will bill the individual’s credit card.  The many small donations makes donors feel good and help spread the word about the nonprofit faster, a win win for all.



Kick Starter

Kickstarter is a platform where creative project ideas are funded and come to life.  Over 30,000 projects have been funded thusfar by backers all over the world.  Individuals with innovative project ideas create a pledge page that outlines the project, how it will be accomplished, and any rewards for supporters.  The project creators set up a fundraising goal and time frame and supporters will only be charged if the goal is met.  Kickstarter is an all or nothing site for the imaginative and driven creators.  Kickstarter does not allow charity or cause projects, the results need to be tangible and producible.

This is not your typical fundraising site. is more about forming support for a cause instead of fundraising.  Anyone can start a petition targeted at the cause of their choice.  Examples include stopping the use of kangaroo leather used by Nike, giving public schools choice of pink slime in meat, and giving more rights to employees of Apple in Chinese factories.  There have been many victories stemming from the public support and media that come from petitions started on

Grant Help

Grant Professionals Association

GPA was founded in 1998 and is dedicated to the advancement of the grants profession.  To access all the benefits the site has to offer, one must be a member.  Currently the GPA has about 2,000 members nationwide.  Members benefit from a free weekly newsletter, annual peer reviewed journal, discounts on numerous grant research and writing tools, access to conference seminars through the web or in person.  GPA also offers an online employment resource where members and non-members can post jobs or search for jobs in the grants profession.


Grant Space

Grant Space is a service provided by the Foundation Center that provides a lot of useful information about starting, running, funding, and managing a non-profit.  The site also breaks up non-profit areas of interest, like the environment or education, and provides resources specific to the goals of non-profits in those areas.  There are many online courses that can be taken on the site, many are free, and are interactive ways to gain knowledge.

Career Opportunities

Common Good Careers

Common Good provides a suite of recruitment services to nonprofits looking to fill a position in their organization.  They provide personal searches to nonprofits for a flat-rate fee and provide a free listing of current job opportunities available to individuals.  Nonprofits can also post job openings on the Common Good site for individuals to independently search for.



HigherEdJobs is dedicated to providing an easy to use site to post and search for jobs in academia.  Institutions can list job openings and individuals can apply for such jobs through the site.



Idealist is a platform to help people live ‘free and dignified’ lives.  Nonprofits can post job openings, internships, volunteer opportunities, and other resources for anyone to search free of charge.  This site provides a much larger list of opportunities at entry level or internships than other job posting sites specific to nonprofits.

Managing Your Organization

Board Source

Board Source was established to provide resources to non-profits to build the best boards possible.  Board Source provides training services for non-profit chief executives, board members, and board chairs in many customizable areas.  The firm also publishes many articles and other resources, most available for free.  By paying a membership fee, one can receive one-on-one consulting and access to many more resources in the Board Source library.



Governance for Non-profit Organizations

This resource is just a piece of the larger organization of the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals. Here you will find the electronic version for free of the book Governance for Non Profits: From Little Leagues to Big Universities. The book goes into different aspects of governing a non-profit including the legal responsibilities of boards, how to run an effective board meeting, board structure, etc.


Non Profit Risk Management Center

The firm provides non-profits with risk assessment and risk management services customized for the individual non-profit at affordable rates.  There are some free services on the website but in-depth consultations require a fee.  The center assesses financial, volunteer, and employment risks that are applicable to the non-profit sector.


Social Media Today

A very quick overview of social media tips/tools to get started in the online community with your non-profit!  This article is very quick but concise and is a great tool for anyone considering entering the social media whirlwind.


Association for Fundraising Professionals

With 30,000 members the AFP fosters development of fundraising professionals through access to resources like certification systems, ethics development, conferences, research and more.  The organization does require a membership fee but the resources that come with that fee are well worth it.  The site also has career opportunities available exclusively to members that have been listed by other members of the group.


Tech Soup 

Tech Soup focuses on providing nonprofits with technology that will help fulfill their missions. Services include webinars, blogs, learning resources, and forums led by experts in specific technology areas.  If a nonprofit registers with the site they are also eligible to receive free technology donations like brand new Windows 8 software or refurbished computers.  This site is an all-inclusive site for structural technology needs.

Net Squared

Net Squared works to bring together innovators in technology and social change using platforms such as their community blog, project posts, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Net Squared has local groups (including a NetSquared Boston group) that get together monthly to share ideas and collaborate in person.