About Us

Our Mission

The Center for Nonprofit Management at Stonehill College seeks to build the management and leadership capacity of community-based nonprofit organizations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island.

The Center is focused on enhancing critical management skills, while also fostering relationships with and among the region’s diverse community-based organizations so that they may better achieve their missions.

Drawing on the expertise within the community and the College, the Center works closely with local organizations to identify and address a range of management and governance needs.



In late 2003, Stonehill College received a congressional appropriation to establish a Center for Nonprofit Management. The Center began meeting with regional nonprofit leaders to better understand the management challenges and issues they face in addressing local needs. The initial needs assessment provided some preliminary insights to inform the Center’s programming and future research questions and reinforced the limited local training available to many leaders in the field.

As the Center has continued to meet with nonprofit staff and volunteer members we have increased our understanding of these needs, identified other potential resources and partners, shaped programs and further assessed the best role for the Center. This increased knowledge has also helped the Center identify its focus on the smaller, under-resourced organizations in the sector, and those most rooted in and working with the at-risk communities in our region. While the Center’s training and educational programs are available to all nonprofits in the sector, priority will be given to these smaller organizations for more specialized interventions.