Week 5: A student reflects on her first month in L.A.

10.02.2012 · Posted in Internships

This week’s blog is dedicated to Catie’s reflections on what she’s experienced and learned during her first month in L.A. as an intern at Red Light PR.

I’m starting to understand how much work it takes to be part of a PR firm. It’s not just about going to events and meeting celebrities and stylists galore…there is a lot of behind the scenes work. It seems like there is a constant day to day job of checking coverage, sending samples, answering requests, and updating social media for each client. That’s bare minimum for the work day. Then randomly (and by appointment) stylists and various press will come by looking for clothing to take with them for events or certain articles for magazines/online blogs. There is just never a dull moment at Red Light PR.

With all that said, I love it. I wouldn’t say I love every assignment I work on during the day but overall it is an amazing feeling to work in an upbeat, fast-paced environment. I have deadlines and people count on me to do my job. There is also strict attention to detail in how each assignment is done. Now that I basically can do all the tasks, the account executives have been more thorough with me in explaining what small details I can change to improve my skill set one level further. I like being held responsible for so much because it makes me feel like I’m more than just an intern; I ‘m part of the Red Light team.

I’m also beginning to understand more about teamwork at Red Light as well. It’s reminded me of my organizational behavior class. It’s interesting to analyze the work atmosphere and how each person contributes to daily tasks. Many of the other interns put their effort into helping each other out. Then there are some complete slackers who do basically anything to avoid work. And there is about one person in my mind who really takes charge and is a go-to for all the answers to any question you could possibly have. I’ve been doing my best to learn as much as I can from her as she has been at Red Light interning for almost four months. Obviously since she has been there that long she too has been able to integrate herself amongst the account executives. They know she will get a job done correctly, so they really rely on her. They rely on me too, it seems, but I’ve only been working there for less than a month. I know a lot in comparison to some of the other interns but I know I still have a long way to go.

I also wanted to discuss something a little less work related. I have been making many new connections here in California through work and mutual friends. I feel it is important to bring this up as it may not be directly related to public relations but I am learning how to network. I have met a friend from Texas through my internship. She goes to school at FIDM and has been really nice in showing my roommates and me around Los Angeles. I’ve invited her to go out with my roommates and me for a few different things like the Pitch Perfect premier and Universal trip. I’ve also met a few new friends through mutual acquaintances. You don’t realize how small the world is until you’re on the west coast meeting people from Boston and Maine. The best part is that they are living the life I want to have after I graduate! Most of the people I’ve met have been so generous and helpful in answering any questions I have or giving me some advice. I really would love to move here after graduation in May and it’s nice to have these connections if I do end up here. That is another part of networking I have never thought much about –long term relationships. If and when I move to Los Angeles, these connections will mean a lot to me, especially in getting a job out here. It seems like everyone knows someone working for every company which is such an amazing part of being in California…How connected people are to one another!

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  1. Dave DiMariano says:

    You have just described my life in the record business. There were so many things I could not put into words with you guys in AP Euro class, things you would have to experience to understand. Every single job I got in the record industry was due to networking. Hold onto those friends as they will help you a lot when times get tough. In September of 1981 I got caught in a massive layoff at MCA records. I went home and the next morning started calling people. I called a friend in the mastering studio at A&M Records on LaBrea and a few hours later I got a call back from her. She had received a call from somebody at Capitol records who needed the skills and the familiarity with the terms as well as with the various people in mastering studios throughout the country. An hour later I got a call from Capitol Records and went in for an interview the next day. After several other interviews I was offered a job there. From there I learned so much more right down to blade editing audio tape and so much more. So many days on the way to work on the Hollywood fwy I would ask myself, if the kids in Lawrence Ma. could see me now…..Enjoy it all….You’re 21 and working in a PR frim in L.A. It doesn’t get much better…..

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