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Week 9-Prof. Leone’s Big Adventure

11.16.2010 · Posted in Internships

This week, I visited the interns in their workplaces, met their supervisors, and did some networking of my own.  The trip was a success on all three counts.  Clearly, Ally, Janelle, and Lauren are all doing some terrific work, and their supervisors recognize the valuable contributions they’re making in their respective departments.  They are representing ...

Week 5-Only in L.A.

10.15.2010 · Posted in Internships

JANELLE: Eight of my relatives flew in from Boston to visit me this weekend and boy did they have an amazing start to their vacation. My parents, Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and brother landed in LAX at noon and just two hours later were sitting in the front row of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ...

Week 4-A moment to celebrate

10.12.2010 · Posted in Internships

A word from Prof. Leone: On Tuesday, October 5th, we had the official kickoff event for the LA program.  Representatives from the College, including President Cregan, went to L.A. for the event which included industry professionals, alums, and the four guests of honor…the interns! I had the pleasure of being one of the College’s representatives, ...