Veggies, Sunflowers, Campers and More…

07.14.2016 · Posted in The Farm at Stonehill

This Week at The Farm…


Sunflowers – as far as the eye can see… it’s summertime!

At The Farm…

We are harvesting scallions, zucchini, 3 varieties of summer squash, 2 varieties of cucumbers, 2 varieties of eggplant, cherry tomatoes (from the hoophouse), basil, 4 varieties of lettuce, pac choi, new potatoes, and garlic.

We are hosting campers from Camp Shriver who are learning about compost and healthy soils.


Evan enjoyed picking, smelling and tasting a wide variety of herbs – including mint, lemon balm, oregano and sage when he visited with his group from Camp Shriver.

We hosted about 90 science focused high school students from Brockton High School who were interested in learning more about Stonehill, our farm, and what we do.

We are so thankful for our hard working volunteers who have been putting in full days with us this week: Patrick Cahill, Celia Dolan, John Dunn, and Sara Morris – and on Fridays: Brett Smith, Danny Haffel and Vivian Senatore.

In the Community…

We are delivering our bounty to our 4 community partners and also making it available for purchase through the Mobile Market at The Brockton Neighborhood Health Center (BNHC) and The Family Center on Wednesday afternoons.

Mobile Market locations have been chosen to make our produce more available to individuals who lack access to fresh, affordable produce.  Prices are set low to increase access (ex. 50 cents per cucumber or squash) and all sales are deposited into an account that allows us to continue to run the mobile market.  Patients at BNHC will soon be provided with veggie vouchers that they can use to “buy” vegetables through a grant given to BNHC from Project Bread.  The Mobile Market is exciting, as it is serving as just one more way to distribute our organically grown produce to those who need it most.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering this week:

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