Our Wish List

1. Wheel Hoe: A wheel hoe is ideal for cultivating close to delicate plant rows and working around shrubs, fruit trees, and pathways. It can also make furrows, hill crops, and loosen compacted soil. http://www.valleyoaktool.com/wheel-hoe/  — $545.00wheel hoe package


2. Fruiting bushes and trees to plant as wind breaks and increase our fruit donation: $2,500 or $30 per tree

blueberry bush

3. Wash Station improvements to streamline our harvest washing process: $1,500

Wash station


5. Agrex Tractor PTO Fertilizer Spreader XA300:   $579.00


6. 60 Gallon Rain Barrels: $98.00 each (would like 4).

60 gallon rain barrel


7. A delivery of nutrient-rich compost from Newland Farm in Norton, MA. ($250 or $25/yard).


8. Farm Tool Fund – $5 to $50 – you choose your amount – we will tell you what we purchase or replace with your donation!


9. Seeding Supplies – trays are replaced every 3-5 years. – $100/year.


10. Best Bees of Boston – Annual Bee Care – $875/year.  Beekeepers visit our hive 1 time/month minimum to check on the productivity of our bees. Donate any amount to help cover bee upkeep!



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