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Introducing Streaming Media

Food Inc

Food Inc

Are you a faculty member thinking about showing a film in your class? Do you have a lab coming up, and want students to be able to see how to perform a particular technique ahead of time? Are you a student who needs to watch something for your classes?

The Library has good news: many of these items will now be available to you online, without having to come to the Reserves desk! In order to increase student engagement and provide expanded access to curricular content, the Stonehill Library has introduced a new streaming media service. This service expands the course content available to faculty and students in an online format. Faculty are able to assign videos for viewing outside of class, and rather than watching them in the library on DVD, students will be able to watch them anywhere on their computers and other devices.

The library has subscribed to a number of databases that offer campus-wide streaming video content. Information about all the content available can be found at the library’s streaming page. To find many of the titles we have purchased you can search the HillSearch catalog for what you desire. If you want to limit your search to streaming video you can select the Online Video format in the facets on the left-hand side of the HillSearch search results page. In addition to the items we have in the catalog, we have also subscribed to the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) which has a variety of science experiments in video format. We have access to the chemistry, neuroscience, science education and general collections. The JoVE collection can be searched at the JoVE page. We will continue to add to the collection throughout the year in response to community needs. For instance, a collection of streaming music will be available soon. If you have any questions, suggestions or difficulties please contact Heather Perry. We welcome your feedback.

Ace’s Place Reopens on Wednesday, August 28

Ace's Place

Ace’s Place reopens on August 28th at 10AM

Great news! Guess what is reopening tomorrow at 10 am? Ace’s Place Café in the Library!!


“The cafe is managed by Sodexo. Inc. and is in operation during the academic year. They serve many coffee drinks, tea and other beverages. You can also find cold To-go items such as salads, sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, pastries and other snacks.

Ace’s Place Café seats 40, with a combination of booths and small tables which can be rearranged for group use.”

Find out more information.

Faculty: What is New in the Library?

Popular Journals

Popular Magazine Browsing Shelf

Over the summer, the Library was hard at work on a number of programs and resources designed to make it easier for Faculty to access everything you need as the fall semester begins. As you have probably heard many times in the past week or two as everyone returns to campus, we have a new website! The Library, like many other offices on campus, spent a good deal of time this summer revising and updating our pages in order to make it easy to navigate to the information you need.  One of the main changes we have introduced is an “Information for Faculty” tab; on this tab you will find Quick Links to the resources most frequently used by Faculty. We want to draw your particular attention to the “Ejournals” link. This resource is what some of you may refer to as the Electronic Full-text Locator or the A-to-Z-Journal locator. We found that these multiple names were confusing to many users, and so we have used “Ejournals” throughout the website as a more concise, direct name for this resource. The changes haven’t just been electronic: if you visit the library, you’ll notice that a lot has shifted in the Current Periodicals section. All print journal subscriptions have been consolidated on the second floor. On the first floor, you will still find recent issues of newspapers and popular periodicals. If you need help locating any of our resources, either online or in our stacks, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at x1203,, or in person.  Welcome back! We look forward to working with you this fall.