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John Rodrigue Book Launch in the Library

The Office of Academic Affairs and
The MacPhaídín Library
cordially invite you to join,
Professor John C. Rodrigue
Lawrence and Theresa Salameno Endowed Chair and Professor of History
as he introduces his new book…

Lincoln and Reconstruction

Lincoln and Reconstruction


Wednesday, October 2, 2013
4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
MacPhaídín Library
First floor, south wing
Stonehill College
320 Washington Street
Easton, MA



Refreshments will  be served.

All are welcome!

Books will be available from the Stonehill College bookstore

A Review of David Tennant’s Hamlet




David Tennant’s Crazy Good Hamlet

Do you like ghost stories? Suspense thrillers? Murders and vengeance? Or how about just the hilarious, mad antics of one of Britain’s well-known actors, David Tennant? Yes, fans of BBC’s Doctor Who, David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) plays the title role in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s modern film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. With simple sets, eerie music and effects, and uncomplicated costumes, the RSC’s Hamlet proves the old adage true, “less is more.” Tennant especially shines as an erratic and haunted Hamlet. His performance is impossible to look away from; you cannot help but root for such a desperate lunatic who bashes video cameras, forces his friends to play recorder, and rarely wears shoes. And the rest of the cast isn’t outshined by the charismatic Tennant, but matches him, line for line, in passion and drive. Patrick Stewart (X-Men and Star Trek fans, rejoice!), who portrays not only the ghost of Hamlet’s father, but Claudius as well, especially stands out in both his roles. Fans of the play, new and old, will experience Hamlet as it’s never quite been presented before when viewing the RSC’s 2009 film. And for those who dread the Bard, this production may well convert you and have you spewing Shakespeare quotations before the end of the first act.


This video is currently being used in Professor Kristen Bennett’s ENG 100, Cornerstone class “Literary Evolutions” and in her ENG 353 class, “Shakespeare.” Her students are watching this film, and you can as well using our new streaming collections. Search HillSearch for the title you want and select “Online Video” as the Format on the left to limit to streaming video. You can find Hamlet here.

Library Eliminates Overdue Fines

The library eliminates overdue fines

The library eliminates overdue fines

Effective immediately, the Library will not charge overdue fines for late materials. The Library hopes that students, staff, and faculty will continue to adhere to the ‘date due’ information stamped on materials (books, DVDs, CDs) checked out at the Circulation Desk. Library Associate Director Susan Conant commented, “We hope this policy will encourage students to borrow the books they need without fear of overdue fines. We do, of course, expect students to renew items they need for a longer period of time, via a phone call to 508-565-1313 or online at Your Library Account.”

Updated policy includes:

  • No more regular overdue fines.
  • Continue charging a $5.00 billing fee for items that are more than 45 days overdue.
  • Continue charging fines for recalled materials that are not returned in the specified time.
  • Continue charging for lost or damaged materials.
  • Continue charging fines for overdue equipment (e-readers,etc.)

Student reaction: Taylor Mace ’17 said, “I think it’ll be helpful for the students not to have to pay fines, but it could be detrimental, too, because now there is no urgency to return materials.” But Taylor works at the Circulation Desk as a student aide and is sure to remind everyone to return their materials on time!


Please call the Circulation Desk for more information: 508-565-1313.

Constitution Day

Constitution DayThe MacPháidín Library Celebrates Constitution Day.

In 2004, the Congress of the United States approved an amendment introduced by Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia that designated September 17th as Constitution Day. This federal observance recognizes the approval and adoption of the United States Constitution by the Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia, on September 17, 1787.  It also celebrates those who have become United State citizens through the naturalization process.


Senator Byrd was known for his love of the United States Constitution and felt that a day designated to celebrate the Constitution would help further the public’s knowledge of this document and insure that students at all educational levels would have a chance to participate in programs that focus on the United States Constitution.


Since 2005, the MacPhaidin Library has observed Constitution Day by posting an informational web page with links to the Constitution Center and Constitution and other web site are available as well as suggested books and videos that are available in the library are included.  The library offers a display of books and an exhibit of primary documents that focus on the year’s selected topic.


Past displays have focused on the signers of the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and individual amendments.  This year focus is on the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Voting Rights (1870)

Helping Out at the Circ Desk

Working at the Circulation DeskYou pass the Circulation Desk (or Circ Desk for short) every time you come into the library, but do you know what services the students and staff there provide? They’re always happy to point you towards the location of a specific book, journal, or DVD, and when you’re ready to leave, they’ll check them out to you! It’s also the place to go if you’re looking for a reserve item, a study room key, or a book that has arrived from Interlibrary Loan. Kindles and Nooks are available there, too! They can also help problem solve by recommending a study/media room, helping with printers, or directing you to poster printing in Duffy 025 at the Service Desk.  The Circ Desk is your one-stop source for taking out and returning all kinds of library materials. Make sure to visit!