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Book Launch: Domestic Violence Case Processing

Currul-DykemanFaculty Book Talk, October 6th

Join us on Monday, October 6th, at 4pm in the MacPhaidin Library for the academic year’s first Faculty Book Launch event. Katie Currul-Dykeman will discuss her new book, Domestic Violence Case Processing: A Serious Crime or a Waste of Precious Time?

LFB Scholarly Publishing, LLC describes Currul-Dykeman’s book:

“Laws governing the criminal justice system’s response to domestic violence have changed through the passage of mandated arrest and prosecution policies. However, while arrest rates for domestic violence increased throughout the 1990s and 2000s, these cases continue to receive lenient treatment by our courts. Most are resolved with dismissals. Currel-Dykeman explores if the court community literature can offer a possible explanation to this problem. She analyzes the local legal culture of two courts, a traditional court and a specialized problem solving court to understand how they discuss and process domestic violence cases differently. Court workgroup members were interviewed and candidly spoke about these cases in a way that helped explain the problem.”

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Currul-Dykeman to learn more about this important, and timely, topic.

Making the Most of Academic Search Complete

Last year, using cost savings from our continued transition from print to electronic journals, the Library was able able to upgrade from Academic Search Premier to Academic Search Complete. But what does this mean for you, the researcher? The good news is that you gain access to more content, you don’t lose access to any of the journals you may previously have used in Academic Search Premier. Also, how you search doesn’t change. Your experience as a user going to Academic Search Complete to conduct your research will be exactly the same, you’ll simply see “Academic Search Complete” at the top of your search screen, rather than “Academic Search Premier.”

Academic Search Complete

So how can you make the most of Academic Search Complete? It’s easy! All new full-text content is automatically part of your search results. With Academic Search Complete, the Stonehill community has access to over 9,000 full-text journals, nearly 4,000 of which are new, peer-reviewed full-text titles. Our full-text coverage increases by about 48% with this upgrade.

Just a few of the new full-text titles include:

  • American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • American Journal of Food Technology
  • American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • European Journal of Jewish Studies
  • Harvard Human Rights Journal
  • Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion
  • International Journal of Communication Systems
  • Journal of Popular Music Studies
  • Progress in Physics

For a number of journals within Academic Search Complete, full-text coverage dates back to 1975 or further, giving students and faculty access to a broader depth of material, in addition to a greatly expanded range of material.

Academic Search Complete Expanded Full Text


This upgrade also means greater full-text access to materials indexed in other bibliographic databases. For instance, with Academic Search Premier, the Stonehill Community could obtain the full text of 722 titles indexed in the MLA International Bibliography. With Academic Search Complete, this number increases to 886. We see a similar increase in the social sciences (where our access to full-text for journals indexed in PsycINFO increases from 560 to 722) and the sciences.


If you would like more information on the new journals covered by Academic Search Complete in your subject area, please contact your Subject Liaison. To learn how to maximize your database searches, or for research assistance, make a one-on-one appointment with us using LibCal, send us an email, or give us a call. You can send any questions, or call 508.565.1203.”

Take Advantage of Our Online Appointment Scheduling!

From a first-year student: “I had a paper I needed to write for Chemistry, and needed a formal lab report for it. Online, the majority of the articles I looked at wanted me to buy them. Turns out the Library has a subscription to the website I was trying to use. The librarian showed this to me in a matter of five minutes. So I basically spent two hours trying to find a report when the library had the exact same thing for free.” Don’t spend hours searching for materials that we can show you how to find in minutes! One on One Consultations

What if you have major research paper due at the end of the semester. You’ve started your research but you’re not finding what you want, and you don’t want to spend hours digging for it. (Especially when you know that there are Librarians who can help you to do your research more efficiently.) You could drop by the reference desk, but what you really need is some dedicated time to sit down with a Librarian. Good news! The Library has a service: LibCal, where you can book one-on-one appointments with us for research assistance.

These appointments aren’t just for those of you completing major research papers. If you need help with RefWorks, need to learn how to more efficiently use a database, have questions about HillSearch, or need any other kind of assistance and would prefer to meet one-on-one with a Librarian, you can use LibCal to set up an appointment.


Simply visit the LibCal web page, and look for the “Schedule an Appointment” box. Librarians have a number of time-slots available each week. You can book with any Librarian, but if you’d like to meet with your Subject Liaison, you’ll find a link to a list of our subject areas in the box labeled “One-on-One Consultations.”  Each Librarian serves as the Liaison for a number of departments, meaning that he or she is most familiar with our resources in that field.


appointmentWhen you click on a Librarian’s name, you’ll get a pop up window. This window will show you the Librarian’s availability, and any information he or she would like you to provide when you sign up for your appointment. If certain times are reserved for a particular class that is required to meet with us, you’ll see a note to that effect as well.


appointment formAvailable times are shown in green; click on the time you’d like, and a new window will appear. Enter your information, and any additional notes you’d like the Librarian to have so that he or she can prepare for your meeting. This gives us a chance to do some research ahead of time so that we’re best able to assist you during our meeting. For this reason, you must book one-on-one appointments at least 24 hours in advance.


If you need immediate help, you are still always welcome to come to the reference desk, find us on LibChat, email us, or give us a call at 508.565.1203.


For faculty members: If you are interested in having your students meet with librarians one-on-one, please contact us for more information. We can work with you to create a worksheet specific to your course and assignment that students will complete and have a librarian sign off on. We can also work with you to create extra credit options for your students as an added incentive to work with a Librarian during their research.

“Ames Mansions of Easton” Exhibit


exhibit2When you think of Stonehill, chances are one of the most pervasive and iconic images pops into your head: Donahue Hall. Affectionately named the “Big House” by some of Stonehill’s earliest students, Donahue Hall was originally called Stone House Hill House and is one of eleven mansions in Easton built by Ames family members. To learn more about these grandiose multi-story homes overlooking picturesque landscapes dotted with gardens, fountains, and statues, come to the opening of the Stonehill College Archive’s newest exhibit, “Ames Mansions of Easton: A Collaborative Project between the Easton Historical Society and the Stonehill College Archives.” Highlighting all eleven mansions, the exhibit discusses the architectural intricacies and the ultimate fate of each unique structure. The exhibit opening and reception is Friday, September 12, 2014 from 4:00pm-6:00pm in the Archives gallery space across from the Carole Calo Gallery in Cushing-Martin Hall. Exhibit will remain open until Summer 2015.

Streaming Media & eBooks in eLearn

The Library has a significant number of electronic resources available for use in your courses. This includes our ebook collection through ebrary, as well as streaming videos available through resources such as Kanopy, Films Media Group, JoVE, Naxos, and others. Read more here about the streaming video and music collections available through the Library. Our electronic resources are included in HillSearch; once you have conducted a search for your desired topic, you can use the links on the left-hand side of the page (pictured below) to limit your search by “Format,” and select “online video” or “ebooks.” In your search results, you will also see links to access any electronic items directly from your results list (pictured below).




In addition to accessing these items through HillSearch, Faculty can provide links to ebooks and streaming videos within their eLearn course sites. If you are interested in linking to Library electronic resources, please read our instructions below.


Linking to ebooks and streaming videos in eLearn

For many videos available through popular websites such as YouTube, you can directly embed videos into your eLearn course sites. However, for streaming videos and ebooks available as subscription resources through the Library, Faculty will need to link to the HillSearch record. Linking to the HillSearch record provides access to the item for students on-campus, and directs students from off-campus to the appropriate authentication page.


In the record for the streaming video or ebook you have selected, you will see the following:




The persistent link for each record is located below the basic bibliographic information for the item. This is the link you should always use, both in eLearn and when sending information about the title to students.


The Library’s rich collection of electronic books and videos is available for students and faculty both on- and off-campus. For more information on accessing Library materials from off-campus, please visit our Off Campus Access page.


If you have any questions about our streaming video resources, or about incorporating streaming media and ebooks into your eLearn sites, please contact Heather Perry, 508-565-1538.

Introducing Kanopy Streaming

Welcome to one of the most diverse and unique selections of educational streaming video content! Our newest streaming resource, Kanopy, is available both on and off-campus.Students and faculty can browse the thousands of films, create clips and playlists, and link to them from your courses’ eLearn pages.


Many of the documentaries included in Kanopy are award-winning films. The content is educational, and ranges from the very broad to the highly specialized; the collection contains about 6,000 videos.

Kanopy also provides the Stonehill Community with access to specialized films we typically would not have in our DVD collection, such as the recently viewed Etruscan Tombs of Volterra.

Watching the films is much more convenient than watching a DVD: films can be watched on almost any device, from both on and off-campus. For faculty, this means you can easily assign a video by linking to it from your class eLearn site (read more about linking to Stonehill College streaming content here[link to other blog post]); research shows that it is easier to ensure that all students watch video content for class when it is available in streaming format. For students, this means you don’t have to leave your dorm room or favorite study spot to watch video content for class!

To-date, the “top titles” viewed by the Stonehill Community include:

Codes of Gender (Abridged Version)
Google and the World Brain
Tough Guise 2: Violence, Manhood & American Culture
Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women
Ethnic Notions
Stuart Hall: Representation & the Media
The Price of Pleasure (Edited Version)
Race, Power and American Sports
Jessica Valenti’s The Purity Myth
White Like Me: Race, Racism & White Privilege in America

These titles, and thousands of others, are available through both the Kanopy platform, and by searching in HillSearch. Any time you conduct a keyword search in Hillsearch, you will receive links to any available Kanopy videos in your search results. Simply click on “Access Online Video.”

Please note when viewing videos through Kanopy, the streaming content may take a moment to load; we also recommend using Firefox or Chrome, rather than Internet Explorer, as your browser. If you have any questions about Kanopy, or other streaming media services offered through the Library, please contact Heather Perry, 508-565-1538.

Using Lexis Nexis

Last year, the Library switched from WestLaw to Lexis Nexis as its content provider for many legal, business, and news resources. This switch provided an enhanced user experience for the Stonehill community, as well as substantial cost savings for the Library.




From the Lexis Nexis Academic website:
“LexisNexis® Academic provides access to full-text news, business, and legal publications, using a variety of flexible search options.” Lexis Nexis provides the Stonehill community with access to “over 15,000 news, business, and legal sources. The outstanding news coverage includes deep archives and up-to-the-minute stories in national and regional newspapers, wire services, broadcast transcripts, international news, and non-English language sources.” The database also provides a Company Dossier module, which enables users “to retrieve detailed company information and financial performance measures or identify and compare companies matching specific criteria. This product also provides access to the renowned Shepard’s Citations® service for all federal and states court cases back to 1789.”


Lexis Nexis provides a substantial detailed help page to assist users with both basic and advanced features of the database.


In addition, Reference Librarians are available to help you use Lexis Nexis; we can meet with students one-on-one or in small groups to provide research assistance, provide instruction in Lexis Nexis to a course, and work with Faculty to determine how best to use Lexis Nexis in their teaching and research. To set up a meeting with a Librarian, visit LibCal or email For more information on our instruction program, click here.