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SciFinder Scholar

SciFinder ScholarStonehill has access to SciFinder Scholar, “the world’s most comprehensive and authoritative source of references, substances and reactions in chemistry and related sciences,” but you may wonder why this resource is worth using. Or you may have visited SciFinder in the past and found the webpage difficult to use. But we have good news! SciFinder has recently upgraded its interface to make it even more efficient.

SciFinder Scholar also put together a panel of experts who explained why using SciFinder Scholar was such an essential tool for research. According to Dr. Erik Villamena from The Ohio State University, “You’re not doing research if you’re not using SciFinder.” To hear more from the experts, watch the full short video.

SciFinder Scholar enables you to search for substances, reactions, and patent and journal references anytime, anywhere, when you use it through the Stonehill system. It enables you to make better decisions based on solid research conducted by eminent scientists all over the world. It helps you save time by pointing you to the most relevant answers to your research questions.


SciFinder scholar enables you to explore substances, reactions and references in a comprehensive collection of resources. This enables you to quickly and efficiently use your time by focusing on just the best answers. It lets you better plan your time, and use your lab time more efficiently. You can also collaborate with classmates and professors and stay current on the latest research on your topic.

To Access SciFinder Scholar, click on the Electronic Resources tab on the Library homepage. Click on the “S” tab, and then select SciFinder. There is a one-time registration you must complete to create your own personal username and password for the system.


To learn more about using SciFinder in a sophisticated way, check out their fantastic tutorials. The tutorials are located at These tutorials will show you advanced features such as structure and reaction searching.

SciFinder scholar is a powerful tool which connects you with the great minds in chemistry. Take full advantage of this excellent resource.


Volume in the Library

3rd floor VolumeThanks to graphic designer Burke Oppenheim ’14,volume signs now direct students to their preferred library study location.
First Floor: Noisy, Collaborative
Second Floor: Quiet, low-volume discussions
Third Floor: Silent.
The exceptions on the third floor are the group study rooms and the CWAA, where collaboration is encouraged.  Find your favorite spot!

Update from the DisCo: September 2014

Flynn DiscoWhat students are saying:
“Simply MAGICAL”

“Loved the number of screens. Everything was very visible. Easy to follow.”

“The furniture and technology made the room seem livelier than regular wooden tables would have. If I had a group project to work on, I would make sure to come here.”

“The tablets allowed us to follow the lecture easier because we better remembered the steps by doing it ourselves.”

“Projection from tablets to TV screens was amazing.”

“All I have to say is that the instruction and new space created a wonderful learning experience.”

These are just a few of the student comments we’ve received in response to our end-of-class student surveys for class sessions in the new, grant-funded Flynn Discovery & Collaboration Space (DisCo). We’ve also reached out to Faculty to get their feedback on the new space.

What Faculty are saying:
“The renovations have made the space much more lively and useful. During the library session for my ‘Americans Abroad’ class, students were able to engage directly in research that would have been much slower and more cumbersome before. Thanks to the renovations, one minute they could work individually on their tablets and the next collaboratively with their group, using the white boards and the display screens to share ideas, all without long waits or stressful technical difficulties.  Plus there’s a disco ball!” – Sarah Gracombe, Associate Professor of English

“For years I have discussed with my students the importance of ‘collaboration’ in order to accomplish a greater good, particularly in the health care world. The need to share and not operate in silos is extremely crucial, especially as we work with the paradigm shift happening in health care.  The DisCo allows that to happen more freely, and encourages sharing as soon as you walk in the room and sit down. The enhancement of the electronics in the room is a bonus which makes it even more appealing.” – Larry Lencz, Adjunct Professor of Healthcare Administration

“The DisCo has exceeded my expectations.  As a class we can interact in multiple technology enabled ways.  One moment we can collectively focus our attention on material presented on a large projection screen.  Next, we can shift to seven separate groups each viewing their work on separate small group collaboration monitors on the wall.  As needed any given groups’ work can be switched over to the large projection screen for collective discussion.  The technology flexibility adds value to the classroom experience.” – Brian Glibkowski, Assistant Professor of Management & Business Adminstration

Our new space officially opened on August 20th, 2014, when we hosted two sections of ACE students for an introduction to the Library. Between August 20th and September 30th in the DisCo:

  • Librarians taught 28 class sessions
  • Faculty taught 5 sessions
  • Approximately 446 students participated in these sessions.

We have also been asking students to take a brief survey after their classes in the DisCo. Of the students surveyed:

  • 82% of those who had previous instruction in 116 said they “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” that the new technology improved their learning experience.
  • 92% of those who had not had previous instruction in 116 said they “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” that the new technology improved their learning experience.

If you are interested in booking a class in the DisCo, please email or call 508.565.1203. Please note that the room will continue to be very busy through the month of October, so we advise that you make your reservation early to ensure your preferred date!  It’s been a very busy semester so far, so thank you to everyone who has attended classes, taught classes, and helped us to make this new space successful!

Student Safety Tips

guardlyIn the day of the smartphone, there are many apps designed to promote personal safety.  A quick search found this list of ‘6 Safety Apps Every Student Should Download’.

Another app that gets good reviews calls police immediately if you lift your thumb off your phone and allows them to track the phone using gps coordinates.  Here’s link to the apple version. Also available for android.

We also spoke with a few students and staff who shared the following safety tips:

Kristin Sanborn ’16 said that she was always taught to “knuckle” her keys when walking back to her car late at night or when she was somewhere unfamiliar to her. Place a key or two in between your fingers and then clench your hand into a fist. The pointed end of the key should be facing out. Allows you to pack a little bit more of a punch if you need to.

Michelle David ’17 said she and her friends always call someone they know when they are walking alone. That way someone is right there on the other line in case something happens.

Books….without the “Book”



Heading home for break? Need a good book but don’t want to pack anything that takes up too much space? The solution: Read a book on a Kindle or a Nook! They’re small enough to fit in your carryon if you’re flying, won’t take up too much space in a backpack or bag for other travels, and if you’re planning to spend some time working out over the break, they fit in the plastic holder on a treadmill or stationary bike. If you don’t have one of your own, borrow one from the library for two weeks. First, check out our catalogue for either Kindle or Nook. Then stop by the circulation desk during the day to tell us what titles you want. We’ll load it onto an e-reader so you’ll be ready to enjoy a great book during your travels or your next gym session. If you have questions, take a look at our e-reader guide or ask at the circ desk.