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Senior Perspectives: Gavin Damore ‘16

Gavin Damore '16As I sat down to write my resume over the summer, it was impossible to fit all of the skills I acquired over the past few years while working at the MacPhaidin Library. My first few weeks here as a freshman, I started learning the basic concepts; how to put away books in call number order, how to use Sierra, and where to find various academic resources. Over the course of my three years, though, I picked up so many other skills that I’ll take with me as I prepare to leave Stonehill, hopefully delving into a public relations career within the theatre industry. Creating blog posts, I learned to write precisely while also getting students, faculty, and staff excited about the DisCo and other technological additions. Since I’ve worked in cataloguing, circulation, and the reference desk, sometimes all within one day, I know how to manage my time between different tasks, and after shifting and reorganizing the entire art book collection the summer before my freshman year, I definitely understand the satisfaction of working hard to complete a long project.

Working here also made my transition as a freshman much smoother than it might have been. Getting to know the librarians and circulation staff assured me that they are always here to help, and interacting with other students at the desk let me find friendly faces among my peers. Understanding how all of our academic databases work also made my academic life easier, especially as an English major who constantly uses ProjectMuse and interlibrary loan!

It’s still strange to think that I won’t be working with the library staff in just a few short weeks. While I’m excited to be moving on to new adventures, I won’t forget the wonderful three-and-a-half years I spent writing blog posts, shelving books, and being surrounded by such a friendly team.

Written by Gavin Damore ’16