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IT Specialists in the Library

IMG_2314Having trouble connecting to wifi? Been locked out of your account? You can now come to the satellite Service Desk in the library for help in the evenings. IT Specialists will be working at the reference desk from 6-10pm, Monday through Thursday and from 2-10pm on Sundays. Bring your questions and your laptop or just stop by to say hi!

New Ejournals Portal

Changes to Full-Text Journal Searching

The Library’s full-text journal search enables users to check to see whether or not the library has full-text access to articles within a particular journal title, and for what dates. You can access this search from the Library’s website by using the drop down menu in the “Library Search” box and selecting “Ejournals.”


The full-text journal search is also available on the Information for Faculty page and the Library Resources page. Recently, Ebsco has updated this resource; as part of our license agreement, off-campus users will now be asked to authenticate prior to using our eJournals resource for full-text journal searches.

Previously, you would be asked to log in with your username, barcode and PIN after searching the eJournals portal, when you clicked on the link for a specific journal title. This change means the point of login is earlier to ensure that only Stonehill users are accessing licensed content.

The search functions themselves have also been updated. When you visit the full-text journal search directly, you’ll now see a landing page that looks like this:

ejournalsscreenHere, you can browse our full-text journals by discipline, as well as search for a specific journal title. Through this update, Ebsco has greatly improved their search features, making searching more targeted and accurate. When you search for a title, such as Nature, you will see that title, followed by the database where you can gain full-text access and the dates of availability. If there is a delay in availability of, you will see a note that tells you there is a “Full Text Delay” and its duration.


If you have not previously set up a PIN for off-campus access, please visit our off-campus access page for instructions on how to do so. If you have any questions, please contact the Reference Librarians via email ( or by phone at 508-565-1203.

New 19th-Century Religious Studies Donations

bible5The library recently received donations of three special collections books in the field of Catholic Religious Studies.  The first, a Holy Bible published in New York in 1865, was donated to the Library by Peter and Myrna Finn. Like many nineteenth-century publications, this Bible includes a title page that details the translation and publication information for the text at great length. You can view the full title page in the HillSearch record for this title. Director of Libraries Cheryl McGrath showed the bible to Sarah Gracombe, Associate Professor of English, who was particularly struck by the Bible’s “lovely image of Ruth gleaning.” The bible has a tooled leather and gilt cover, and also contains a partial family history, written into the pages between the Old and New Testaments. Family bibles of this time often contain the record of marriages, births, and deaths within a family, and are important sources for genealogical research.

bible8In addition to the 1865 Bible, the Library also recently received Our Faith and its Defenders, by John Gilmary Shea, was published in New York in 1894. Here is an example of a full, nineteenth-century title page:

Our faith and its defenders : comprising the trials and triumphs of the defenders of our faith in America ; together with chapters devoted to Catholic questions of our own day pertaining to America and Americans. Embracing papers from the pens of able writers, including His Holiness Pope Leo XIII, the Most Rev. Archbishop Ireland, and Rev. Doctor O’Gorman. To which is added Great Defenders of the Faith in Every Age. A Defense and Exposition of Catholic Faith and Doctrine. A Full Explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Pictorial Lessons from the Following of Christ. The Fruits of the Faith as Seen in the Lives of Holy Women. The Confraternities and Sodalities of the Catholic Church. With an introduction containing a review of Catholicity in the United States by Richard H. Clarke, LLD. Author of “The Lives of the Deceased Bishops of the United States,” etc., etc.

Amongst the contents of this book are a report from the Third Plenary Council on the education of Catholic children and a “portrait gallery of the great defenders of the faith in America.” This gallery includes a portrait of the Most Rev. John J. Williams, D.D., the son of Irish immigrants, who was the fourth Bishop and then first Archbishop of Boston from 1866 until his death in 1907. This book was not sold in stores, and was only available to readers by subscription.

Our Faith and its Defenders was donated to the Library by Marguerite La Monde, a parishioner of Christ the King Parish in Brockton. The book was delivered to the library on the donor’s behalf by Sister Alice Arsenault, S.U.S.C., who works at the Parish, along with a Holy Bible, published in 1882. This Bible contains a gallery of scripture illustrations, many of which are done in fully color. The Bible has metal clasps, tooled leather and gilt cover, and was printed in Boston.

Faculty, staff, and students are welcome to view and use these texts for their classes and research. These titles would be especially interesting for students in Catholic Intellectual Traditions and Religion classes, or for those studying book history and museum work. If you are interested in viewing these items, please contact Nicole Casper in the College Archives and Historical Collections at or 508-565-1396. Please note that these items will be used in the Archives, and 48 hours’ notice is required to make an appointment to use them.

New look for Electronic Journals Full-text search

Students, staff and faculty will soon see a new look when using our electronic journals full-text search (also known as A-to-Z). You can see a preview of the new look below. This update from EBSCO streamlines the search process and provides easier access to browsing by discipline. If you experience any problems with Electronic Journals searching during this time, please contact Reference at or call 508-565-1203


First Floor Mini-Renovation

IMG_2030Over the winter break, much of the first floor got new carpeting! In addition, you may notice that the South stacks look different: we changed the configuration to enhance the possibilities for using the South end as a space for faculty book launches and other events. This move also makes the leisure reading collection more visible and provides easier access to Ace’s Place for students and tours.

Come check out our leisure reading, newspapers, DVDs, and Stonehill College yearbooks (and see how fashions have changed), all shelved in this area!