A Review of David Tennant’s Hamlet




David Tennant’s Crazy Good Hamlet

Do you like ghost stories? Suspense thrillers? Murders and vengeance? Or how about just the hilarious, mad antics of one of Britain’s well-known actors, David Tennant? Yes, fans of BBC’s Doctor Who, David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor) plays the title role in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s modern film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. With simple sets, eerie music and effects, and uncomplicated costumes, the RSC’s Hamlet proves the old adage true, “less is more.” Tennant especially shines as an erratic and haunted Hamlet. His performance is impossible to look away from; you cannot help but root for such a desperate lunatic who bashes video cameras, forces his friends to play recorder, and rarely wears shoes. And the rest of the cast isn’t outshined by the charismatic Tennant, but matches him, line for line, in passion and drive. Patrick Stewart (X-Men and Star Trek fans, rejoice!), who portrays not only the ghost of Hamlet’s father, but Claudius as well, especially stands out in both his roles. Fans of the play, new and old, will experience Hamlet as it’s never quite been presented before when viewing the RSC’s 2009 film. And for those who dread the Bard, this production may well convert you and have you spewing Shakespeare quotations before the end of the first act.


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