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Book Launch: Domestic Violence Case Processing

Currul-DykemanFaculty Book Talk, October 6th

Join us on Monday, October 6th, at 4pm in the MacPhaidin Library for the academic year’s first Faculty Book Launch event. Katie Currul-Dykeman will discuss her new book, Domestic Violence Case Processing: A Serious Crime or a Waste of Precious Time?

LFB Scholarly Publishing, LLC describes Currul-Dykeman’s book:

“Laws governing the criminal justice system’s response to domestic violence have changed through the passage of mandated arrest and prosecution policies. However, while arrest rates for domestic violence increased throughout the 1990s and 2000s, these cases continue to receive lenient treatment by our courts. Most are resolved with dismissals. Currel-Dykeman explores if the court community literature can offer a possible explanation to this problem. She analyzes the local legal culture of two courts, a traditional court and a specialized problem solving court to understand how they discuss and process domestic violence cases differently. Court workgroup members were interviewed and candidly spoke about these cases in a way that helped explain the problem.”

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Currul-Dykeman to learn more about this important, and timely, topic.

Shari Lowin’s Faculty Book Launch

Shari Lowin's Faculty Book Launch

Shari Lowin’s Faculty Book Launch

The Office of Academic Affairs and the MacPhaidin Library cordially invite you to join Dr. Shari Lowin, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Program Director of the Middle Eastern Studies as she introduces her new book Arabic and Hebrew Love Poems in Al-Andalus.

Refreshments will be served. Come and enjoy some Middle Eastern food. All are welcome!


When: Thursday, November 21, 2013 from 4:00 to 5:00PM.

Where: MacPhaidin Library, first floor, south wing
Stonehill Collge
320 Washington St.

John Rodrigue Faculty Book Launch: Lincoln and Reconstruction

Lincoln and Reconstruction

Lincoln and Reconstruction

On Wednesday, October 2nd, the Library hosted the third in its series of Book Launches.  For these events, the library works with the Office of Academic Affairs to host a faculty member who has recently published new work. These informal gatherings give members of the Stonehill community an opportunity to hear more about the significant scholarly contributions made by our faculty.

This week, we heard from Professor John C. Rodrigue, who spoke about his new book Lincoln and Reconstruction; the book is part of the Concise Lincoln Library series, published by the Southern Illinois University Press. To read more about the Series, click here.

Professor Rodrigue spoke about the process of writing the book, including researching the rich secondary resources available on Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln’s own writings. Professor Rodrigue emphasized that his research led him to the conclusion that Lincoln’s idea of what post-war reconstruction meant changed over the course of the war and its aftermath, shifting from an idea of reconstruction as “restoration” to a belief that reconstruction required “a more fundamental social, economic, and political reordering of southern society and of the Union itself.” In fact, Professor Rodrigue shared with the audience that, in would become Lincoln’s last speech before his assassination, Lincoln advanced a view of reconstruction that called for granting voting rights to certain African-american men, including “the very intelligent, and those who served our cause as soldiers” (read the entirety of Lincon’s last speech here). While this may seem a very restricted viewpoint to a contemporary audience, for 1865, Lincoln’s speech was a radical call for black enfranchisement that enraged his opponents, including John Wilkes Booth.

To read more about Professor Rodrigue’s book, visit the Southern Illinois University Press online. The MacPhaidin Library has copies of all titles in the Concise Lincoln Library series, including Lincoln and Reconstruction. To locate titles in the series, you can search HillSearch directly from the Library’s homepage, or access HillSearch here and search for “Concise Lincoln Library.” Use the links, or facets, on the left-hand side of the page to limit your search to the format “Print.” This will give you a listing of the physical books in the series held by the Library.


John Rodrigue Book Launch in the Library

The Office of Academic Affairs and
The MacPhaídín Library
cordially invite you to join,
Professor John C. Rodrigue
Lawrence and Theresa Salameno Endowed Chair and Professor of History
as he introduces his new book…

Lincoln and Reconstruction

Lincoln and Reconstruction


Wednesday, October 2, 2013
4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
MacPhaídín Library
First floor, south wing
Stonehill College
320 Washington Street
Easton, MA



Refreshments will  be served.

All are welcome!

Books will be available from the Stonehill College bookstore