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Federal Links & President’s Day

Government Documents at the MacPhaidin Library.

Government Documents at the MacPhaidin Library.

By George IT IS Washington’s Birthday appeared in the Winter 2004 issues of National Archives’ Prologue Magazine. C. L. Arbelbide provides a history of the Washington’s Birthday holiday. Was President Washington forgotten?

Read brief biography of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln from the Presidential Biographies available at the White House’s web site. is the portal to official publications from all three branches of the Federal Government. From this web site you can retrieve Public Law 90 – 363 which created the Monday holidays.

Government Documents Library Guide was created as a starting point to access Federal Government web site.

Constitution Day

Constitution DayThe MacPháidín Library Celebrates Constitution Day.

In 2004, the Congress of the United States approved an amendment introduced by Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia that designated September 17th as Constitution Day. This federal observance recognizes the approval and adoption of the United States Constitution by the Constitutional Congress in Philadelphia, on September 17, 1787.  It also celebrates those who have become United State citizens through the naturalization process.


Senator Byrd was known for his love of the United States Constitution and felt that a day designated to celebrate the Constitution would help further the public’s knowledge of this document and insure that students at all educational levels would have a chance to participate in programs that focus on the United States Constitution.


Since 2005, the MacPhaidin Library has observed Constitution Day by posting an informational web page with links to the Constitution Center and Constitution and other web site are available as well as suggested books and videos that are available in the library are included.  The library offers a display of books and an exhibit of primary documents that focus on the year’s selected topic.


Past displays have focused on the signers of the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and individual amendments.  This year focus is on the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Voting Rights (1870)