Spring has finally sprung and the library’s own cataloging assistant, Barbara Urbanus, shares her favorite pastime with us.

Fishing BooksFishing is one of my favorite pastimes and has been since I was a child. Initially, the love of the sport was instilled in me by my Connemara-born and bred grandfather. It  was fostered over the years by my three older brothers, who were always (or mostly always) kind enough to bring me along fishing. Even as an adult, I fondly remember the special April days when we would get together for the spring ritual of trout fishing’s “Opening Day.” They would pick me up sometime around 4 am, in order to be down to The Cape at dawn – the best time for fishing.

Unfortunately, last year I was grounded from fishing because I was recovering from surgery for a torn rotator cuff. This injury happened while fishing on a gorgeous October day on Nantucket’s Great Point, when it was just too much fun to stop casting when I should have.  So, I missed the fishing fun this summer on my trips to Florida, Minnesota, and Alaska, but fortunately the library has many interesting “fishing reads” for all of us to enjoy.

How about:
The Fireside Book of Fishing; a Selection from the Great Literature of Angling. Or, Cod: a Biography of the Fish that Changed the World.”

On the serious side, as Massachusetts struggles with adopting fair but stringent regulations to save the fishing industry, you might like to read:
The New England Fishing Economy: Jobs, Income, and Kinship.” Or, “Lament for an Ocean: the Collapse of the Atlantic Cod Fishery: a True Crime Story.”

The library has many other interesting books about fishing available:
Four Fish: the Future of the Last Wild Food
Overfishing: What Everyone Needs to Know
The Most Important Fish in the Sea: Menhaden and America
The Mortal Sea: Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail