How Print Management is Greening Our Campus

In celebration of Earth Day 2014, Associate Director and Circulation Librarian, Susan Conant shares the effect of the print management system in place in the library.


Earth DayOn January 13th, 2014, a print management system was installed in the MacPhaidin Library and Stanger Hall 109. In the MacPhaidin Library alone, we have cut our paper use by one third. Did you know that a pine tree can produce about 16.67 reams of paper?

This semester, we have reduced our paper use by about 420 reams or 25.2 trees less than our paper use in Fall 2013.

In addition we have reduced the amount of toner needed to make all those prints by 1/3rd and even the number of service calls to bring technicians onto campus, due to less wear and tear on the machines.  If you have been in the library print room recently, you have probably noticed a significant reduction in the amount of wasted paper strewn on the countertop which eventually lands in the recycle bin.

We appreciate the students’ positive response to this new system. Thank you for joining the Llibrary and IT in this effort!

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