Introducing Our New Information Skills Curriculum

Introducing Our Information Skills Curriculum 

Over the past year, Reference Librarians have created a new Information Skills Curriculum, developed using the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education. Our curriculum identifies specific learning goals for the different stages of a students’ studies at Stonehill College. The stages focus on a variety of core concepts ranging from the simple – the iterative nature of searching – to the more complex – the impact of context on the value of information. The framework is designed to enhance student’s information skills through faculty-librarian collaboration.  


Our Mission Statement 

The Library’s information skills curriculum fosters the development of independent thinkers capable of analyzing, evaluating and creating information with expertise and flexibility in their careers and life. We support Stonehill’s diverse community by cultivating students’ ability to use information responsibly within a fluid technological and social environment. 


About the Curriculum 

In our guide, you’ll find templates and ideas for how librarians can collaborate with students and faculty. We aim to save faculty time by providing in-person and online research support to students. We collaborate with students to help you enhance your research skills and produce high-quality work.  


By the time they graduate, students who participate in the full information skills curriculum can: 

  • Define their information need 
  • Identify appropriate source types and research tools to meet their information need 
  • Evaluate information to determine its validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness and bias 
  • Synthesize information from research with existing understanding in order to create new knowledge 
  • Identify the legal, ethical, economic and social issues related to the use of information and recognize relevant intellectual property laws 


These learning outcomes are drawn from our analysis of the key goals of the ACRL Framework. The Framework is centered around six concepts: 

  • Authority is constructed and contextual 
  • Information creation as a process 
  • Information has value 
  • Research as inquiry 
  • Scholarship as conversation 
  • Searching as strategic exploration 


The reference librarians used the framework to create learning outcomes for each of these six concepts that focus on the research conducted by Stonehill College students across the curriculum. Now, we are working to create additional resources, such as a guide to “Reading in the Disciplines,” that provides guidelines for how to approach articles and publications differently, depending on their discipline. Stay tuned for more from us this fall as we launch our new curriculum! 


If you’d like to partner with a librarian on an Information Skills Curriculum-based instruction session, please contact your Subject Liaison or