Meet LibChat

Ask UsIf you’ve visited any of our LibGuides pages recently, you may have noticed a green “Ask Us!” button, just like the one on your left, hanging out on the left-hand side of your browser. You can use this button to start a chat with a reference librarian. Click on the “Ask Us” Button, and you will see one of two options. When Reference Librarians are online, you will see a box that looks like this:

Welcome to LibChat


Once you enter your name and hit “Chat” you will see a box that looks like this:

Connected to LibChat


This means the Librarian on chat has been notified that there’s a new visitor. Someone will respond as quickly as possible so that you can ask your question and get started on finding an answer.


When Reference Librarians are not online, don’t worry! You can still ask your question. You will see a box that tells you that LibChat is offline:



Entering your question here will search for your request in our LibAnswers Knowledgebase. For instance, if I enter the question “How do I print?” I will see links to all the public Knowledgebase questions that have to do with printing:

Printing in the Library


I also have the option, on the right, to submit a new question and get an answer via email.


LibChat is just one of the ways that your Librarians try to provide you with reference assistance where and when you need it. Generally, a Librarian is available on LibChat whenever the Reference Desk is open. We also use this as a way to provide Reference Assistance when bad weather prevents us from being at the desk during our regular hours.


You can also reach us by phone at 508.565.1203 or by email at, but if you’re in need of assistance and you see us online, LibChat is another great way to get the help you need.