Meet Seamus Farrelly

Seamus Farrelly

Seamus Farrelly is  a familiar face in the MacPhaidin Library!  We sat down with Seamus to learn more about him, what he likes about the library, and the impact he’s had.

How long have you worked here?
14 and a half years

Favorite thing about working in the library?
The people.  It’s a potpourri of everything.  The staff has a good sense of a humor and I like the students because their dreams are the ones we’ve already had.

Which day of the week is the messiest to clean up after?
None are bad, but Monday seems to be the worst.  The kids are great, and I can never complain!

Best advice you’ve given a student?
Going to college is a privilege.  It’s not a given.

Favorite book?
The TV Guide.  I read Trinity but I didn’t understand it.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned from our students?
Now that’s a hundred dollar question.  Well, I’d say it is to accept each person for the value of what they are.  The students keep me young!

Favorite Fr. Bart getup?
It has to be St. Patrick’s Day!

Personal history highlights
In 1974, I met the woman I’d marry the day I landed in this country from Leitrim, Ireland.  How many people can say that?  She was my next door neighbor in Walpole, MA!  I was nervously optimistic!

What’s the best change you’ve seen in the library?
The DisCo!  The DisCo just works!

Have you noticed favorite study spots?
All students are creatures of habit.  They always go back to the same place!

Funniest memory of working in the library?
Ripping out the old desks in room 116  with a crowbar and the systems department to make way for the DisCo construction.