Senior Reflections

Sam Smith '14 reflects on her time spent at the MacPhaidin Library.

Sam Smith ’14 reflects on her time spent at the MacPháidín Library.

It’s funny how, after four years of calling a place your home, you can very easily start to take it for granted. The thought of no longer attending Stonehill as of two weeks from now is a terrifying yet exciting thought. Over the past several months, I have started to believe that I was ready; I was getting tired of the school’s idiosyncrasies which, while once charming, were occasionally getting on my nerves. But I’ve started to slowly realize as the end of my four years quickly approaches that perhaps I had been telling myself those things to make myself feel better. Now, less than two weeks away from graduation, I’m less sure than ever that I’m actually ready to leave.

The thought of saying goodbye to many of my professors has resulted in maybe one or two incidents of water works. The same goes for many of the staff at the Library, whom I’ve had the chance to work with over the past three years. My last shift at the Circulation desk is coming up this coming Thursday and while I won’t miss all things about the desk, I will most definitely miss the staff members and students I’ve had the pleasure getting to know there. The same is true of the staff members in the Reference, Periodicals, and Cataloging Departments. I tell myself that I don’t live far away, I can get an Alumni library card and make an excuse to come this way when I want to say hello but it doesn’t really mask the truth: things won’t be the same after graduation. The Library won’t be in my proverbial backyard.

So what is a soon-to-be-graduate supposed to do when there are so many tear-inducing changes coming up? The best thing I have found that helps is to remember all the good that came out of these experiences. The fact that I will be missing Stonehill, the friends I’ve made here, and the staff and buildings and professors that I’ve come to assume will just be there so badly is a sign of how awesome my time here has been. I’m so excited for the incoming freshman class to experience this place and get to know these people, and I hope they know to treasure it because before you know it, they’re kicking you out to make room for some new kids to give your mailbox to. The only way to move on is to keep moving and I guess that means I’m ready. There will be some tears in the next two weeks and some painful goodbyes, but the goodbyes are only painful because they mean so much, and of course, they’re never forever.