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New! Book Chapters in JStor

This fall, the library has expanded its JStor collection to include ebook chapters. When you conduct a search in JStor, you will now see both Journal Articles and Chapters in your search results.

In this search for material on the poet Claudia Rankine, you see two results. One for her poem “Atlantic Shores,” published in the Mississippi Review, notes on the right that it is from a journal. The second result is a chapter from the book American Hybrid Poets. On the right, you’ll see that this is designated as a Chapter.


You can download, save, and print book chapters the same way you would download a JStor article. To see all the chapters available in a particular book, click on the book title. This will take you to the JStor page for that book, including its full table of contents:


To use JStor books, visit JStor while on HillSpot, or authenticate to the Stonehill network from off campus. Conduct your search as you would normally, and both journal articles and book chapters will be displayed in your results. If you wish to see only book chapters, click on the “Books” tab in your search results.


For Faculty

JStor books are free of digital rights management (DRM) software. This means that any JStor book chapter can be placed on electronic reserve for your course, and students can freely download and print these book chapters. In addition, you can link to the full table of contents for the book by using the Stable URL provided by JStor.


Soon, all JStor ebooks will also be available within HillSearch. If you have any questions about using JStor, or our other library databases and ebook collections, contact reference@stonehill.edu or call 508-565-1203.

More eBooks, Better Research

Do you want a say in the library’s eBook collection? Thanks to our newest system for purchasing ebooks, now you can help us decide what to buy!

Searching for an eBook is no different than before. You can still view them when you look through our online catalog using HillSearch, but now you have access to substantially more titles. We have added over 12,500 new ebook titles to the catalog; these titles cover a wide variety of subjects, and most were published over the past two years. The ebooks haven’t been purchased yet, but that doesn’t matter – you can still use them immediately, and by doing so, you’re telling us that you want that title in our standard eBook collection. If other people use it as well, we’ll add it in.

This new system makes last-minute research easier. While Interlibrary Loan is always a useful tool, sometimes you need an extra source immediately. Using our eBooks gives you instantaneous access to a multitude of texts on a variety of topics. You’re also helping to make the library’s collections better by showing us what books are most relevant to students’ academic needs.

For instance, here are a few new ebook titles users have recently read:

    • Documents Decoded: The Great Depression and the New Deal
    • Lucid Dreaming, New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep
    • Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama : Staging the Superstitions of Early Modern Europe
    • Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States : A Guide for the Legal Sector
    • American Zion : The Old Testament As a Political Text from the Revolution to the Civil War
    • International Political Economy of New Regionalisms Series : Geopolitics of Regional Power : Geography, Economics and Politics in Southern Africa
    • Piers Plowman: A Modern Verse Translation

If you have any questions about eBooks, feel free to stop by the reference desk and ask a librarian!

Written by Gavin Damore ’16

Streaming Media & eBooks in eLearn

The Library has a significant number of electronic resources available for use in your courses. This includes our ebook collection through ebrary, as well as streaming videos available through resources such as Kanopy, Films Media Group, JoVE, Naxos, and others. Read more here about the streaming video and music collections available through the Library. Our electronic resources are included in HillSearch; once you have conducted a search for your desired topic, you can use the links on the left-hand side of the page (pictured below) to limit your search by “Format,” and select “online video” or “ebooks.” In your search results, you will also see links to access any electronic items directly from your results list (pictured below).




In addition to accessing these items through HillSearch, Faculty can provide links to ebooks and streaming videos within their eLearn course sites. If you are interested in linking to Library electronic resources, please read our instructions below.


Linking to ebooks and streaming videos in eLearn

For many videos available through popular websites such as YouTube, you can directly embed videos into your eLearn course sites. However, for streaming videos and ebooks available as subscription resources through the Library, Faculty will need to link to the HillSearch record. Linking to the HillSearch record provides access to the item for students on-campus, and directs students from off-campus to the appropriate authentication page.


In the record for the streaming video or ebook you have selected, you will see the following:




The persistent link for each record is located below the basic bibliographic information for the item. This is the link you should always use, both in eLearn and when sending information about the title to students.


The Library’s rich collection of electronic books and videos is available for students and faculty both on- and off-campus. For more information on accessing Library materials from off-campus, please visit our Off Campus Access page.


If you have any questions about our streaming video resources, or about incorporating streaming media and ebooks into your eLearn sites, please contact Heather Perry, 508-565-1538.