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Streaming Videos on Swank

thebreakfastclubLooking for a movie to watch online? Try Swank, our new database of films chosen by our professors and  available for everyone. Swank streaming video enables students to watch films without having to go to the library and get the DVD on reserve. The titles are all available in the catalog, or you can browse them from the Swank Platform. New titles will be added as professors select them.

Available films include recent releases such as Her and the Imitation Game, as well as other studio releases including Django Unchained, The Social NetworkThe Matrix, and classic favorites including The Breakfast Club.

Titles can be viewed on campus as well as off by authenticating to the campus network using your library account. Please note that Swank does not work with the Chrome browser. We recommend using Firefox to access Swank titles.

These films are available for individual viewing and in-class use.  Due to studio restrictions, we are unable to obtain public performance rights for Swank films, so they cannot be shown in group settings.