Welcome Back Students!

What you need to know about the MacPháidín Library and the CWAA

We know that you’re being inundated with a lot of information in your first few weeks on campus, and you’re busy taking classes. However, there are a few things we want to be sure you know about the MacPháidín Library and the CWAA. This information will help you access some of the resources you’ll need to be successful in your classes this fall, so save this email!


MacPháidín Library

    • You can find the Library’s hours here: http://www.stonehill.edu/library/about-the-library/hours/
    • Library Databases are available on the “Electronic Resources” link on the Library’s homepage
    • Reference Librarians are available to help with research
      You can make one-on-one appointments by visiting http://libcal.stonehill.edu/If you don’t have time to book ahead, reference librarians are also available at the Reference Desk:
      10am-10pm Monday-Thursday
      10am-5pm Friday
      2pm-10pm Sunday
      You are not bothering us! Students often think we’re busy with other work and that they shouldn’t bother the librarian. We will gladly put aside our other work to help you with your research question. For many of us, working with students is what got us interested in Library work in the first place. So don’t feel like you’re interrupting or bothering us. We’re here to help.
      The Reference Desk is located directly in front of you as you enter the MacPháidín Library.
  • We have many study spaces available for youLevel 1 is for collaborative study; students in these spaces are encouraged to work together and have conversation.
    Level 2 is for quiet study; students on this level should work as quietly as possible, with minimal conversation.
    Level 3 is for silent study; if you need a space free from noise and distractions, Level 3 is for you!If you are on Levels 2 or 3 and the noise levels are too loud, find a librarian or call 508-565-1313. We will be happy to assist you.
    The library also has a number of study rooms available for students. To book a room call 508-565-1313 or visit the Circulation Desk, which is to your left as you enter the building. These rooms can fill up fast! Read more about our study rooms here: http://www.stonehill.edu/library/about-the-library/departments/access-services-2/booking-a-group-study-room
  • We have free printing
    Students are able to print in black-and-white (no color printing is available) for free in the Library.
    You can print documents from the Library’s computers
    You can also print from your personal laptop.
    Directions for printing from laptops and mobile devices are available here: http://www.stonehill.edu/offices-services/it/support/knowledge-base/printing-from-mobile-devices/
  • We have classrooms and computing spaces
    The Library classroom (Rm 116) was renovated over the summer and has been renamed the Brian J. Flynn Discovery & Collaboration Space (or the Flynn DisCo for short). The room is equipped with Air Media for wireless presentations that can be displayed simultaneous on 4 HD televisions and 2 projection screens.
    When the room isn’t in use for classes, students are welcome to use it as an additional study spaceHP tablets are available for students to use in the spaceIn addition to the DisCo, there is a computer lap on the third floor, where students can access programs such as SPSS, and additional computers are available on Level 1.
  • We have LibGuides
    You’ll hear LibGuides referred to in a lot of library instruction sessions. This is a program that allows the Reference Librarians to create specific webpages, i.e. LibGuides, for different subjects and classes. Most major subjects, such as History or Business or Biology, have a Subject Guide. Your instructors can also have Librarians create a LibGuide for a specific course. These guides can save you time by directing you to the best databases and other resources for research in a particular field.
  • Do you live off-campus?
    If you commute to campus, visit our “Off Campus Access” page to learn how to access databases from home: http://www.stonehill.edu/library/get-help/off-campus-access/
  • Have a question?
    Email us at reference@stonehill.edu, call 508-565-1203, or visit our “Get Help” page:http://www.stonehill.edu/library/get-help/


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