Writing in New Media

New media jpg“Let’s face it, writing in the 21st century is accomplished online.” That’s Professor Anna Brecke premise for her course, “Writing in New Media”, WRI 110. This course explores reading and writing across social media and other web spaces through genre study, cultural analysis, and real-world practice. Through posts, tweets, blogs, emails, and texts students will hone valuable skills necessary in the twenty-first century workplace and in everyday life.
Librarian Joe Middleton will be helping WRI 110 students with the research for their major writing assignment. Although students will prepare a written proposal, an annotated bibliography, and a written overview of their work, the final result of this traditional process will not be a traditional paper. Rather, each student will choose a different new social media platform to present his or her work. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube or other social media may be used.