You Asked. We Answered: Introducing the Library’s New Workshop Series

Each year, we survey students to find out what services you’d like to see the Library offer. In last year’s comments, we noticed a theme:

  • “Hold library information sessions early on in each semester [that] are accessible at a variety of times.”
  • “Have more workshops.”
  • “Advertising the resources available at the library more, and holding events once a month on how to use the library resources.”
  • “I think holding more workshops in the library that students are required to attend would encourage more people to spend time there.”

We’re not requiring you to attend, but we are offering a new series of library skills workshops.  We asked students to vote on the workshops that sounded most interesting to them, and selected workshop topics to address common concerns that students may have.  Workshops are hands on and encourage students to bring their laptops and upcoming assignments.

Video versions of the workshops are available at additional workshop videos are added as they occur. Faculty are also welcome to add the workshop videos to their eLearn pages.  New workshops will be designed and held to respond to requests, so if you don’t see what you want, email and we will be delighted to accommodate your needs. Additional videos addressing library skills like searching the databases, finding full text and creating annotated bibliographies are available at

Workshops on Time Management and Refining your Research Question have already been held.  Workshops are held on Mondays at 8PM in the DisCo. Additional days and times will be added.

Upcoming workshops in the DisCo:

  • Monday October 9 at 8PM
    Refining your Research Question
    Have an upcoming paper? Not quite sure how to formulate a good research question? We can walk you through the process of refining your research question to make your research easier and more efficient.
  • Monday October 16 at 8PM
    Get your stuff together
    Have you saved so many things to the desktop that you can’t find your most recent download? Are you starting a research project that requires a lot of steps? Are you taking more than one class at once? Do you want to learn how to organize your inbox so you can find what you’re looking for? This is the workshop for you! Please bring your computers, questions, and enthusiasm as we get your emails, PDFs, word documents and more organized.
  • Monday October 23 at 8PM
    Google like a Pro
    Looking to take your google search to the next level?  We’ll go over advanced search techniques that you can use in google to find the credible sources and information that you’re looking for. Please bring your computers, questions, and remember: Don’t “just google it”, google it like a professional.
  • Monday October 30 at 8PM
    Manage your Citations
    APA, MLA, Chicago and more! Interested in learning about a program that can organize your citations and help you with in-text formatting? This workshop will go over how to utilize the citation manager Refworks to organize your research, create bibliographies and in-text citation. Please bring your laptops and some sources you would like to organize (if you have them).

Additional topics coming soon include:

  • What’s a Scholarly Source
  • Keep Up with the Times
  • Research at the Beach
  • HTML + CSS Basics
  • Primary Sources
  • Record Your Genius