May 31, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Website Redesign Update

The new launched on Tuesday, and we have been thrilled with the community’s response! It is clear that many individuals and units across the college have taken this opportunity to turn their attention to the content within our institutional web presence. We hope that this attention to detail and care continues, as it ensures a high level of quality for our website.

Many of you have submitted comments, suggestions, corrections and edits, and we can’t thank you enough for doing so. Most items have been taken care of as quickly as possible. Other issues will require more time in order to ensure the best possible solution is provided. In the interest of time and transparency, we’d like to respond to a few of those concerns below.

Outdated Titles in the Directory

A number of faculty and staff have reported that job titles being displayed in the Directory are inaccurate. It appears that this issue originated in our personnel database, from which we are pulling names, titles, office locations, phone numbers and email addresses.

We are looking forward to a “clean up” project this summer in cooperation with Human Resources to correct inaccuracies across the board. We’re going to make sure to fix these issues at the source, so that they don’t become a recurring problem. This means that a solution may take a little longer than we’d like – but the fix should be more permanent.

Outdated “Courses Taught” Listings

A few faculty members have reported that the Courses Taught listing on their faculty biography page is inaccurate or incomplete. We are partnering with the Office of Academic Affairs to find the best possible resolution to this issue.

If you would like to submit an update for your faculty biography page, we invite you to complete this form.

Search Results Lead to “Page Not Found”

A few users have reported that the Search function on the new website is leading to broken pages or a “Page Not Found” error.

Like many websites, our site search function is powered by Google. The Google Site Search robots crawl our website at regular intervals to check for changes and additions. The results you are seeing at the moment relate back to our old website, which is the latest content detected by Google.

We have submitted a request for Google to crawl our new website, and the Search function will be updated automatically once that crawl is complete. Unfortunately, there is little else that can be done about this issue at the moment.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about the new website, we want to hear them. Please submit your feedback here!

May 28, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Newly Designed Website Now Live

We are pleased to announce that the new is now live. The on-campus community will be able to see this change immediately (if you are off-campus please allow up to 24 hours for the domain name servers to propagate).

This site reflects nearly two years of hard work and community collaboration. We want to thank everyone across campus who shared their knowledge, feedback and insights to make the site what it has become. It truly was a community effort.

We hope you find a sense of familiarity in how Stonehill is reflected online. We have done everything we can to ensure that the new site is engaging, exciting and informative. We also hope that you have interest in contributing content to the site by sharing your stories. Please look for buttons throughout the site to submit stories, videos, photos and achievements.

Beyond visual design, there are some fundamental changes in comparison to Stonehill’s previous site. Because of this, we have prepared a downloadable resource guide to help you make your way around the site. You will also be receiving a printed copy through interoffice mail.

For those of you who had been content editors in Ingeniux, we will be holding training sessions for the new Content Management System, BigTree, in June. Please review available dates and sign up for a session using this form.

Should you have any feedback as you browse the site, please complete the website feedback form. We rely on your feedback to ensure the quality and accuracy of, please do not hesitate to contact anyone in the Marketing Department with questions, comments or concerns.

May 16, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Pre-Launch Website Redesign Presentation

Please join us for a pre-launch website design presentation


in The Martin Institute auditorium
There will be a presentation of the fully redesigned website, computers for you to explore the site on your own and an opportunity for questions and open discussion with the Stonehill Marketing team.

Refreshments will be served

We look forward to seeing you there!



Questions? Please contact Heather Bruntil at x1652

or hbruntil @


April 27, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Comprehensive Visual Mark Poll Results

“If you could only choose one, which of these aspects of Stonehill would you like to see represented within our new visual mark?”

  • A prestigious institution of higher learning
  • An institution that emphasizes an academically rigorous experience
  • A Catholic college
  • An institution that was founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross

This question was recently asked of the Stonehill family: alums, students, faculty, staff – even our social media community – and the response has been fantastic.

The question itself is provocative, difficult; controversial, perhaps, and it’s clear that many respondents put a great amount of thought into their choice, and answered with the vigor we have come to expect. (Thank you!)

This wasn’t the first time we’ve asked the question, although it was definitely the most public.

We’ve had a number of discovery meetings and community conversations on the topic, and it is clear to us that a new visual mark must represent Stonehill as all of the above. But we wanted to delve deeper.

The Results Are In!

We’ve compiled the results of our surveys: Prestigious 59%, Catholic 11%, Holy Cross 11%, and Rigorous 19%. While these numbers are informative, they do not tell the full story. Provided with only one selection, it is clear that our community would like a prestigious visual identity. Beyond the numbers, however, they viewed our Catholic foundation to be an essential and distinctive element of Stonehill. Ultimately, there is a deep desire to reflect Stonehill as Catholic, Holy Cross, prestigious and rigorous. As the poll comments that follow reflect, our community wants it all.

“Stonehill College is a prestigious Catholic college founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross that emphasizes an academically rigorous experience for all of its students.”

“It is very difficult to select one of these as I firmly believe they are impossible to separate! I would hope that the visual mark captures the fact that we are an academically focused and prestigious Catholic institution of higher education.”

“The Catholic identity, however, should be made prominent as well.”

“It is VERY hard to decide but I wish it could say ‘Stonehill is a prestigious Catholic institution of higher learning.’ I feel both parts are extremely important.”

“It is hard to separate all these out – Could there not be a way to communicate – a Catholic College which emphasizes an academically rigorous experience?”

“Stonehill as a prestigious Catholic institution of higher learning”

“I feel that the last two statements should be one: Stonehill is a Catholic college founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross. I feel that the Congregation has a very unique and powerful message that guides us in our work here.”

“While you can emphasize all of the other items throughout your documents, being a Catholic institution is what sets us apart from other institutions.”

Moving Forward

As we move forward, we will take these comments, your suggestions and your continued input to heart. The conversation does not end here. We look forward to moving on to the next phase of this project and sharing those results with everyone!

April 24, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Results in from Stonehill’s Alums

In the April edition of the Alumni e-Newsletter, our alums were asked one question regarding Stonehill’s logo redesign. The results are in!

If you could only choose one, which of these aspects of Stonehill would you most like to see represented within our new visual mark?

21% – 

April 3, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Calling All Stonehill Alumni!

As an alumnus you have a unique understanding of Stonehill College. We truly value your point of view and invite you to share your perspective in support of an important project.

As you may have heard, Stonehill is developing a new visual mark that will accurately represent the College as a prestigious Catholic institution of higher education founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross.

The new mark will be distinctive and memorable, drawing inspiration from our beautifully illustrated seal. The seal itself will be reserved for traditional usage – ceremonial documents, special events and deeply meaningful occasions.

Two days of discovery meetings were recently held to help clarify our understanding of what the Stonehill community feels should be represented in our new visual mark. We would like to continue that conversation, and ask that you share your opinion in a very short survey.

We appreciate your taking a few moments to answer the survey question and we welcome any additional comments you wish to share!


April 2, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Logo Design is Thoughtful and Serious Work

In case you missed it. This video is an incredible overview of the process of logo design and how it is not only an art form but a deeply thoughtful and iterative process.





We intend to embark on our project in much the same way. Respecting the history, delving into the depths of meaning of symbology and being careful to accurately and respectfully portray Stonehill College.

After two intensive days of meetings with almost 100 faculty, staff and employee-alumni we have received a wonderful amount of information to guide the work that will be done. Thanks go out to all that participated and provided feedback. Based on the conversations, it was clear that a new visual mark must represent Stonehill as:

  • A prestigious institution of higher learning
  • An institution that emphasizes an academically rigorous experience
  • A Catholic college
  • An institution that was founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross

As soon as we are done sifting through the comprehensive notes from the two days we will share more about what we have learned from these discussions.

March 13, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Visual Mark Development Partner Selected

Malcolm Grear Designers, located in Providence, Rhode Island has been selected to work with Stonehill in developing a new visual identity. Out of many options, two potential collaborators were presented to the committee and the recommendations leaned towards this firm because of their intentionality of process and local ties.

They take a very purposeful  approach which will mesh well with our goal for this project to be full of intention. Their approach is outlined well in a video on their site (once you click the link you will have to scroll down the page and click on the video to play it).

Their marks generally have meaning well beyond what meets the eye (for example their mark for the Presbyterian Church includes such depth of meaning that an entire book was written about it).  Their list of clients in higher education include: Harvard University, Colby College, Brown University, Salve Regina University and Yale University. It is important to note that their reach goes well beyond just higher education.

Below are just a few samples of their work:

Vanderbilt University


The Presbyterian Church


1996 Centennial Olympic Games

It is worth noting that this studio does not present multiple options for a community to vote on a final logo, instead, they work diligently to get information very early in the process that will set them on the appropriate course. They have had great success with this approach both inside and outside of higher ed. This and the rationale behind it are outlined well in the aforementioned video. They do very comprehensive discovery meetings to uncover a complete understanding of what it is they need to represent in a single mark. In addition, we have already provided them an number of historic documents regarding the symbolism of our current seal, the visual standards for the Congregation of Holy Cross and an array of other materials surrounding the historical development of the seal. I would like to especially thank Nicole Casper for providing me with much of the information.

We will be holding campus discovery meetings on March 21st and 22nd. If you would like to participate, be sure to look for the targeted announcement in order to sign up to attend. We plan to send online surveys to the community after the meetings in order to collect even more information. As always, if you have any questions or comments you can feel free to contact Heather Bruntil directly.

February 15, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Website Redesign Sneak Preview

Please join us for a preview of the progress that has been made on the website redesign.


In Alumni Hall Auditorium

There will be an opportunity for questions and open discussion with the Stonehill Marketing team.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Questions? Please contact Heather Bruntil at X1652 or

February 13, 2013
by stonehillcollege

Visual Identity Design

We are undergoing an effort to design a lead visual mark (otherwise known as a logo) for Stonehill. This initiative, not surprisingly, can spur some questions from our community. While we can’t anticipate every question, we have received valuable feedback from individuals across campus and would like to share a glimpse of these conversations with everyone.

  • What about the seal? We currently have a beautifully illustrated seal that carries great meaning. Many across campus have a love for the seal, as they should. Unfortunately, the seal proves to be far too detailed for use in many applications. On top of that, it doesn’t replicate well in small sizes and cannot be used correctly on a dark background. This results in the seal being altered to the point where important symbols may be represented incorrectly. All of these issues make it difficult to maintain the integrity or clarity of the seal for widespread usage.


  • Isn’t there another logo? The “wordmark” was a response to the difficulty in replicating the seal in various formats. This has been used in external publications and is currently a placeholder on drafts of the new website, and on other items that represent Stonehill. This “solution” wasn’t developed through an intentional process. Input from the community was not collected where a decision could be made in the best interest of the needs of Stonehill College. As a result the wordmark falls flat as a front-facing visual mark.


  • We don’t want a contemporary logo, do you? You may have watched on the sideline while the University of California went through an unsuccessful logo launch. The UCal community revolted. The new logo wasn’t representative or academic enough for those who have been touched by the University of California system.  The goal of this project is not to develop a contemporary and flashy logo geared toward prospective students. What we are aiming to do is develop a distinctive logo that will accurately represent Stonehill as a premier Catholic academic institution. This mark will uphold our tradition and history by celebrating our Catholic and Holy Cross roots and our deep-seated commitment to academic excellence. A successful logo must be many things: memorable, representative, unique, timeless. It must also work in large and small format, work in black and white and work with dark and light backgrounds. We seek all of that, and more.
  • I heard that you will be regulating the use of the seal. What does that mean? Why are you doing it? The seal is a wonderful symbol of our legacy and tradition. We want to be sure to honor that. The seal being printed on travel mugs, whoopee cushions and other promotional items lessens the gravitas that a collegiate seal should carry. Use of the seal would be reserved for items including, but not limited to certain invitations, official correspondence and ceremonial documents. Other institutions approach their seal in similar ways, The University of Notre Dame is just one example.
  • Do you have examples of what your goal is for a finished logo? We have looked through countless academic logos and have collected a few logos (download PDF) that provide inspiration. This list includes the University of Portland, University of Notre Dame, Providence College, Saint Peter’s University and Bentley University.
  • There are talented individuals throughout our institution. Why can’t we utilize their talents and have them design our logo? At first blush, logo design seems simple and fun. In truth, logo design that has intentionality is work that requires a design professional who is well versed in the concepts of logo design. This video outlines the level of understanding, detail and commitment required to develop a truly successful mark. I do believe we have a very talented community. However, some of the most qualified members of the community agree that logo redesign is best left to a seasoned logo specialist.

I hope these snapshots provide you with some insight into the thought process behind the decision to take this project on. We are happy to hear more questions and feedback from each of you, this is a project that will have an impact on all of us and we take this job very seriously. Feel free to comment directly on the blog or send along an email to hbruntil @

We look forward to reaching out for some input regarding symbolic images both within our seal and across campus that you find especially meaningful to Stonehill. We hope that you join in the conversation and take the opportunity to provide your feedback. We will be in touch soon!