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The new launched on Tuesday, and we have been thrilled with the community’s response! It is clear that many individuals and units across the college have taken this opportunity to turn their attention to the content within our institutional web presence. We hope that this attention to detail and care continues, as it ensures a high level of quality for our website.

Many of you have submitted comments, suggestions, corrections and edits, and we can’t thank you enough for doing so. Most items have been taken care of as quickly as possible. Other issues will require more time in order to ensure the best possible solution is provided. In the interest of time and transparency, we’d like to respond to a few of those concerns below.

Outdated Titles in the Directory

A number of faculty and staff have reported that job titles being displayed in the Directory are inaccurate. It appears that this issue originated in our personnel database, from which we are pulling names, titles, office locations, phone numbers and email addresses.

We are looking forward to a “clean up” project this summer in cooperation with Human Resources to correct inaccuracies across the board. We’re going to make sure to fix these issues at the source, so that they don’t become a recurring problem. This means that a solution may take a little longer than we’d like – but the fix should be more permanent.

Outdated “Courses Taught” Listings

A few faculty members have reported that the Courses Taught listing on their faculty biography page is inaccurate or incomplete. We are partnering with the Office of Academic Affairs to find the best possible resolution to this issue.

If you would like to submit an update for your faculty biography page, we invite you to complete this form.

Search Results Lead to “Page Not Found”

A few users have reported that the Search function on the new website is leading to broken pages or a “Page Not Found” error.

Like many websites, our site search function is powered by Google. The Google Site Search robots crawl our website at regular intervals to check for changes and additions. The results you are seeing at the moment relate back to our old website, which is the latest content detected by Google.

We have submitted a request for Google to crawl our new website, and the Search function will be updated automatically once that crawl is complete. Unfortunately, there is little else that can be done about this issue at the moment.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about the new website, we want to hear them. Please submit your feedback here!

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