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10-25-15 Senate Notes

SGA has posted the approved minutes from last Monday’s meeting onto our SGA Blog.
SGA Senate Agenda
Monday, October 26, 2015
Attendance – All Present
Excused- Tim Cronin, Laura Harvey, Mike Middleton

1) Updates
• Andrew Hunt- Aces Place after Thanksgiving may increase Sunday hours- Budget issue
• Travis- Sem Fundraiser coming soon

2) How to approve of minutes
• Starting soon, please check out the minutes. Make sure there are no mistakes.
A. Senate Outcomes
B. E-mail & blog
• We will be posting full minutes on blog
• With an outline of Senate sent to the Student Body via E-Mail

3.) It’s On Us
A. Posters
• After Senate, Hall Senators could begin posting them up in their residence halls.
B. Pledges
• Commit to wearing nametags. Different form of advertising.
• Bring them to next Monday’s senate.
C. One Love
• Diversity Committee with Jess Greene- Discuss domestic relationships. In honor of student Yeardely Love
• How to identify abusive relationship
• November 3rd at Senate
• Working with Health and Wellness
D. Panel on Wednesday night
• Awareness for sexual assault.
• Continue to raise awareness.
• Everyone is aware of what the event is.

3. Town Hall
A. Survey for topics
• Top 3- Sodexo, Campus Safety, and Policy Changes
• Biased Incidents
• Survey is closed
B. Facebook page
• Continue to invite people.
• PR Committee will be posting

4. Future Senates
A. Divestment campaign –TBA
• Divestment from Fossil Fuels. Our company is not investing in companies with this.
• Future students and staff maybe coming to speak to raise awareness.
B. Christina Burney – Nov. 16
• Director of Career Services
C. Club approvals
• Last two Senates.
• Checking off to make clubs provisional.
D. In the Future, we need to be prepared to have questions for our speakers.
• Putting in their own personal time to come speak to us and keep us informed.
5. Brainstorming session
• Normally we begin to lose steam around this type of year.
• Now that we are in groove of things, we will now hold a brainstorming sessions.
• Broken up into groups, write down on poster on what is a “perfect college” see what we can improve on.
• 5 categories. Count off by 5.
1. Academics
• Diverse curriculum with social justice awareness.
• Minimum scheduling conflicts.
• Improve LCs and Capstone, and Cornerstone. – A lot of issues finding LC that relates to what you want to learn. Too much variation. Concern we can bring to academic committee.
• Better advisors.
• Graduate school programs. – Affiliations with other schools- not well known and many programs that are no longer a thing.
• Life skills classes.
• Outcome related classes and not just on the grade- what did you learn? Did you work hard, etc.?
2. Food
• More professional workers.
• Portion equality with gender (Women are receiving less portions then men).
• More local food
• More options for people with allergies
• Less expensive food options – healthy
• Hours- specified- Even when stations are open until 7:30, at 7:15, many stations are already closed and cleaning up- Receives angry responses from workers if you arrive too early or too late.
• Cross examination of utensils.
• Hot breakfast everyday at the Sem
• Dinner maybe stays open until 7 on Sundays?
• Marissa -9:30 was told to have to wait for breakfast.
3. Events
• Promote Diverse Events
• Take down past posters. – Minor issue that affects other advertising. Work-study job? Stamps maybe could include taking down posters 24 hours. Student who works in Duffy takes down posters.
• More attendance
• More annual events. Ex. The success of Midnight Madness.
• Weekend late night events- Dodeball, food activities
• Promote Events earlier.- underclassmen not aware.
• Promote online calendar on the app.
• School wide volunteering.
• Bounce of tradition and new. Same events but with a slight change.
• More student run events awareness.
• Homecoming weekend
• Daytime concert.
• Clubs will host very similar events to other clubs- Better communication between clubs.
• More awareness of Master Schedule- Anna and Patrick hold meeting for calendar- 80 clubs and 10-15 show up.
4. Athletics
• Super Fan Contest.
• Ice Hockey Rink
• Tailgates.
• Do not bash poorly performing teams
• Concession stands at every game.
• Better relationships between athletics and non-athletics- Not just that relationship but all student leaders. Cross Collaboration.
• School Spirit improved- Pep Rallies?
• Pool outside.
5. Campus Climate
• Be aware of Campus Happenings.
• Supportive reducing biased incidents- respect, understanding.
• Open mind atmosphere.
• Green campus.
• Political climate discussions.
• Act on your complaints- Come to Senate.
• Off campus events- reduce “Stone hill event”
• Day of service. – Mission Office. On Academic Development day or a day that is already free.
• Yik Yak- Negative feedback of Culture Not a Costume. We received negative and positive feedback with ignorant Yik Yak Posts.- Not just SGA, this is a College issue. Yik Yak shows we are not as inclusive as we need to be.

Now that we have these ideas, how can we make this work? E-Board will figure out which ideas are realistic for us, which ones we can pass on to other offices? Etc.
6. Questions, Comments, Ideas?
End- 12:33

Kate Morneault (Executive President):
• Career Services will be coming to Senate November 16th
• Academic Committee meeting times are in the process of being scheduled
Anna Craft (Executive Vice President):
Matt Farrenkopf (Executive Secretary):
• PR committee is working on advertising for Town Hall and organizing for our November 20th SGA Event.
Chris McNamara (Executive Treasurer):
• Met with Rita Friday to finalize e-mail
Adriana Rosadio (Executive Programming Chair):
• 10/26: Women’s Soccer (3:30pm)
• 10/27: Field Hockey’s Purple & White Game (7pm)
• 10/29: Midnight Madness
• 10/30: Field Hockey (7pm)
• 10/31: Women’s Soccer (12pm)
• Football (1pm)
• Halloween Dance
Nisha Khubchandani (Executive Diversity Chair):
• “One Love” Training: collaborating with Health and Wellness and Criminology Department (November 3 at 7 pm; location TBD)
• Launched Culture Not Costume Posters Social Media Campaign to address recent poster vandalism
Ryan McDonough (Executive Finance Chair):
Andrew Hunt (Commuter Senator):
• Aces Place after Thanksgiving may increase Sunday hours- Budget issue
Michael Middleton (Commuter Senator): No update
Jamie McDermott (2016 Senator):
• Karaoke Night Friday, November 6th in the Hill
Jacqueline Durand (2016 Senator):
Molly Wolf (2017 Senator):
• Charity Dodgeball Tournament & Possible Class Apparel
Marisa Licata (2017 Senator): No update
Kristen Fontaine (2018 Senator):
Tim Cronin (2018 Senator):
Sebastian Patino (2019 Senator):
Chad L’Heureux (2019 Senator):
Lea Perugini (Heights Senator):
• Planning for haunted Sem and Heights fall fest
• Discussing how to promote hall council
Laura Harvey (Corr/Villa Senator):
• Villa and Corr are working on haunted sem.
Rebecca Brackett (O’Hara Senator):
Emily Hunter (Boland Senator): No update
Travis Normandin (HCC Senator):
• Sem Fundraiser coming soon

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