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Why run for SGA Executive Board? Hear from the Current E-Board!

The current SGA Executive Board members tell why they decided to run for E-Board and what they love about being on E-Board!

Courtney Beauregard- Executive President

I cannot believe that a whole term has already gone by. When I decided to run for Eboard last Spring, I could have never imagined what I would have gotten from this whole experience. I decided to run because SGA had already done so much for me in the past three years that I had attended, that I wanted to give back to SGA and this community. I decided that how I wanted to give back was by running for SGA Executive President. I wanted to take a lead in this school to create positive change and an inclusive atmosphere. I never thought that it would change me as much as it did. I feel more confident in my ability to lead, as well as am so thankful for the people that I was able to meet along the way. I am also grateful for the other Executive Board members because my favorite part of the job has been working with them on new ideas and projects.


Lauren Melaugh- Executive Vice President

When I decided to run for Executive Vice President, I was excited to get more involved on campus and learn more about the inner workings of Stonehill. As a freshman, I always looked up to the Executive Board as positive role models who were truly concerned about the well being of the College and this motivated me to want to run for this position. I have changed so much since my freshmen year due to the opportunities that Stonehill provides and I saw running for E-Board as an opportunity to give something back to the school I love.

While I was extremely excited to run for the position last spring, I still did not know how much I was going to love this opportunity. I have been able to meet and become closer to the administration and other students. I have challenged myself in ways I never could have imagined and learned more about how I act as a student leader. SGA E-Board certainly demands hard work and dedication, but it also has been one of the most enriching experiences I have had at Stonehill.


Terry Rose- Executive Finance Chair 

Running for the Executive Board is not the easiest decision but it can be the most rewarding experience at Stonehill.  I have been involved with SGA since freshman year when I was elected as class treasurer and held the position through my sophomore year.  Being a class treasurer, I was already with the Finance Committee and enjoyed the work I was doing.  At the end of my sophomore year, I wanted to make a bigger presence and difference on our campus.  After asking the current E-Board members at the time about what they worked and about the time commitment, I considered my own schedule filled with: classes, homework, ultimate disc, a work-study job, and being a tutor.  I decided to dive in and won the election for Executive Treasurer.  There is no point in hiding that these positions do not have a time commitment, but you get to work alongside great classmates you may never have met, administrators that always have a good joke on hand, and of course find out the big secrets before the rest of campus.  These positions will help you to excel in time management and master the transition of laughing with friends to presenting in front of the Board of Trustees minutes later.  After a successful year, I decided to run again but this time for Executive Finance Chair and have enjoyed this position just as much as the Executive Treasurer.  My favorite project was the restructuring of SGA class committees and programming last year, which the average student may not notice, but they have helped Student Government be more productive and focused this past year.  If you are even considering, I would recommend talking to any member of the Executive Board to find out more about the position you are thinking about.


Melissa Beaumont- Executive Secretary 

I decided to run for SGA Executive Board after being a part of SGA for my freshman and sophomore year at Stonehill.  I never had the most important position in SGA, but I just loved being a part of SGA then and knew I wanted to take that extra step of becoming more involved by running for E-Board.  When I was interning in Washington, D.C. I finally decided to run for Executive Secretary and won, even though I wasn’t on campus.

Since I’ve been on E-Board, I loved the entire experience.  I personally have loved being in charge of the social media of SGA- using the SGA Blog, Twitter, and Facebook to publicize SGA events. Throughout being on E-Board, I’ve seen myself grow to become more confident and better at managing my time, even thought I am a huge procrastinator!  I’ve loved working with the other members of the E-Board and the administration. It’s definitely been my favorite part of being a part of the E-Board!

E-Board is definitely a challenging position, but the rewards I’ve gained from the position are worth it!


Matt McCormack- Executive Treasurer 

To be honest, SGA wasn’t even on my radar around this time last year.  A friend nominated me, so I went to the initial candidates’ meeting just to see what it was all about.  As I got further into my junior year, I realized that I truly have only one more shot at this and that I needed to make it all count.  SGA seemed to me to be the best possible outlet to give back to the community that has given me so much.  Obviously the position is a huge resume builder, but my biggest take-away from the whole experience is the relationships I’ve developed with the other E-Board members.  Probably my favorite event so far was the Class of 2016 elections.  Being the biggest class in school history, it was great to see all of the positions so contested.  Really, all of the work we’re doing now is helping to lay a foundation for all of the underclassmen to carry forward next year.


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