April, 2013

Apr 16




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Apr 16




SGA Spring Town Hall

On Tuesday, April 2nd SGA held its Spring Town Hall where representatives from different offices around campus addressed the questions and concerns of students.   This year SGA decided to incorporate social media as another way for students to ask their questions during the Town Hall.  Students were able to tweet at SGA’s twitter account @Stonehill_SGA and use the hashtag #SGATownHall2013. In addition, the SGA Executive Board kept a suggestions box in the cafe for students to write down questions beforehand and then used those questions as a starting point for issues during the Town Hall.

The Town Hall started off with updates from SGA, focus groups, the strategic planning committee, and the Grab the Green Initiative.  We also heard a presentation on sustainability efforts that are currently taking place at Stonehill.

Some issues that came up at the Town Hall included water pressure in the residence halls, parking and transportation stipends for internships, the recent thefts in the library, merit aid scholarships, and more.  One very interesting conclusion that came from the Town Hall was that it is illegal to kayak on Ames Pond.

Below is a link to the google doc of the mintues taken at the Town Hall if you are interested in a more detailed summary of the Town Hall:

Town Hall Minutes

If you have any questions or concerns about issues raised at the Town Hall or just in general, feel free to contact any SGA Executive Board member or stop by the SGA Office downstairs in the Commons. 







Apr 02




Upcoming April Events!

This coming April SGA has many important events happening! Below are the list of events-

1. SGA Town Hall

  • Tuesday, April 2nd 5:30 PM Commons A

The SGA Town Hall is held as a way for students to bring up question, concerns, suggestions, and even positive things they see at Stonehill to representatives from different offices across campus.

This year SGA is utilizing twitter as another way for students to bring up these things- students are going to be able to tweet their concerns, etc. at @Stonehill_SGA both before and during the Town Hall.  We also encourage you to use the hashtag #SGATownHall  

2. SGA General Elections Nominations

Nominations for SGA General Elections open this Thursday, April 4th

The nominations sheet will be located outside of the SGA Office in the Commons and at the SGA Open House.

3.  SGA Open House

  • Friday, April 5th 7:30 PM Commons A

The Open House is an event for students to come learn about what SGA has been working on all year long.  Each committee will have a presentation on what they have done this year and then will give out raffle tickets for some sweet prizes! 

The Open House will also have the nominations sheet for SGA General Elections.  This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is interested in running for a position or joining a committee as an ad hoc or general member to hear and learn from the committees and members themselves!

There will also be music from WSHL and an ice cream sundae bar!