October, 2015

Oct 31




Career Services: Why you should not take them for granted

It’s come to the time of year, especially as a senior, where the chaos of interviews and in-office visits seems to get the most hectic. At Stonehill, we are incredibly lucky to have a talented and dedicated Career Services staff that are willing to do anything from phone interviews to practically life coaching. The office has a breadth of connections and resources that unfortunately is not used by as many students as could benefit from them. The earlier you start attending their events, the better. Career Services even runs a fantastic domestic internship program that allows students to spend semesters in New York City, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Career Services has supplied me with a large amount of opportunities for both internships and full-time employment and I could not be more grateful. Even now as a senior, when the job hunt is in full swing and stress is running high, I feel confident that I can rely on Career Services for professional connections and support.

My advice: seize all the opportunities they make available to you and use their office as soon as you can in your college career. Whether it be a mock interview, information luncheon, on campus job interviews, or just career counseling, the office has something that can help everyone grow personally and professionally. I promise that you will not regret it.

Oct 20




The Top Ten Reasons as to Why I’m Grateful for Stonehill (Nisha Khubchandani, Executive Diversity Chair)

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend was one for the books for Stonehill as we held our largest ever Fall Open House. Stonehill welcomed over 900 perspective students and a total of approximately 3,000 visitors. It was a very exciting time to showcase our love and enthusiasm for Stonehill! While serving as a science panelist and science center tour guide, I had flashbacks to when I was in the shoes of these perspective students, touring the Shields Science Center with awe and excitement and learning about the many opportunities Stonehill had to offer. As I reminisced about these good times, I began to think about all of the reasons why I am so grateful I enrolled at Stonehill College. Below are the top ten of the many reasons why Stonehill will forever be my home away from home.

1. The professors: The professors at Stonehill College are always available when we need some extra help for a class or even if we need to have a life chat. Many of my friends often remark about that one life changing talk with one of their favorite professors or how their professors are actually now their friends. It’s pretty evident that Stonehill professors not only care about our academics but are also interested in our passions and want to guide us in any way possible.

2. The community: As a small college, Stonehill cultivates a close-knit community that makes the campus really feel like a second home. We all know so many of our fellow Stonehill peers and genuinely care for each other, a characteristic which in my opinion is particular visible through many of our programs and leadership organizations.

3. The classes: Every class I’ve taken here has provided me with a little more insight and given me a fresh perspective of the world. Whether I’m learning about the world at the molecular level, exploring different cultures, or looking at social injustices, I’ve been able to engage in a range of discussions and expand my breadth of knowledge. What’s even more amazing is the Integrating Democratic Education at Stonehill (IDEAS) Program, which gives students the opportunity to facilitate a class on a topic of their choosing. The program is a great way to bring more awareness to a topic you are particularly passionate about or explore subjects you may not be too familiar with.

4. HOPE Trips: This one is actually pretty relevant since HOPE trip placements were recently announced and just as every year, social media was filled with many excited posts about where people will be spending time serving our neighbors. HOPE trips are a very unique aspect of Stonehill and often provide an incredible amount of insight and personal growth. I’ve been lucky to participate in HOPE trips to the Dominican Republic and the Bronx, New York and I loved both experiences. For those of you who are considering applying for HOPE next year, I would definitely recommend it!

5. SGA events: Whether it’s a movie out on the quad or our beloved bingo nights, SGA plans so many fun and exciting events. Mixers, carnivals, beach trips, you name it! These events are great ways to get the community together, meet new people, and just have a great time, especially when you need a break from academics or want to reward yourself for all of your hard work.

6. DiverCity: Yes, DiverCity is technically a SGA event that specifically falls under the SGA Diversity Committee but DiverCity is so awesome that it had to stand on its own here! DiverCity is a festival that incorporates dance segments, spoken word performances, theatrical pieces, fashion and much more. It is meant to represent and celebrate diversity while also looking at different social justice issues. Each year, I participate in the Bollywood dance and I absolutely love it!

7. The cozy spots: A lot of people on campus have that one spot they love visiting when they need to do work or just want to hang out. The beauty about Stonehill is that there are so many little cozy spots that fulfill this very purpose! One of my favorites is a bench right outside the Campus Ministry that overlooks O’Hara Pond. This view of the pond here is especially gorgeous during the autumn.

8. Aesthetics: Going along with the many cozy spots, Stonehill is just an overall beautiful campus. This is evident by the way the snow blankets our grass in the winter, the radiance of Donahue Hall in the summertime, or the colorful palette of the trees in the autumn. Or how about the deer that frolic the campus or the turtles near O’Hara Pond? Stonehill also has a range of different plants and animals that create such an aesthetic campus. In fact, according to the Stonehill College 2015 BioBlitz, our campus is home to at least 140 different species. So go ahead and take that beautiful Instagram picture of the swans swimming about or the amazing red and yellow trees that overlook us; it’s part of the Stonehill experience!

9. The opportunities: There is so much to get involved in on campus. Interested in social justice work? Apply for the ALANA-A Brothers and Sisters Leadership Program. Love singing? Check out the Chapel Choir! Have a passion for Doctor Who? SciFi Club might be for you! With over 70 student organizations, Stonehill provides a plethora of opportunities for students with a diverse range of interests.

10. Our success: Stonehill may be a small college but don’t underestimate its power! According to the Stonehill College website, out of the Class of 2015 graduates who were actively looking for employment, 65% were successful in finding jobs. Moreover, 76% of those Class of 2015 graduates who wanted to pursue further education were admitted to graduate schools. Meanwhile, 100% of the Class of 2015 graduates who wanted to participate in service after graduation were admitted into post-graduate service programs. These statistics indicate that Stonehill has a great success story. Together with the many available resources and opportunities, the devoted faculty and staff, the range of diverse classes, and the amazing community, Stonehill College provides an incredible college experience that ultimately prepares students to pursue their hopes and dreams.

Oct 13




8 Different Pieces of Advice to help you through Senior Year

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their long weekend, whether you stayed on campus, visited a friend, or even even able to go home. I had the opportunity to go back to my high school’s football game, take a day trip up to Vermont, and be able to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Every person I talked to and caught up with asked me the same similar question- How do you like Senior Year so far? It would come with statements like “wow that flew by fast!” or the good old “What are you doing next year?”
For this weeks blog, I decided to go over my own personal advice for my classmates and how to get through and enjoy our senior year.
1. Don’t ask what people are doing next year! What may seem like a polite interested question may just make people who don’t know yet, more nervous. My view on this is if someone does have an idea, they will tell people. This person will already be asked by a parent, sibling, relative, friend from home, and every other person who knows they are a senior. Be that person that is not just a constant reminder of the unknown, but a supportive friend who shows they care. Plus, while the year is going by fast, we are only a month in!
2. When you are stressed about next year, find that one friend you can go to for anything in the world- your stress, your excitement, your goals, your fears. This person gets what you are going through, even if this person is not a senior and doesn’t yet know the worries, they do know you which is the most important thing at the end of the day.
3. Talk to Career Services!- I lived on campus this summer and one day I had that moment when I just said “Wow I am scared about a year from now” I am sure everyone will have it, and that is totally okay! I went to career services, met Andrew Leahy for the first time, and what I thought would just be career advice, turned into a combination of that and a much needed life talk, which lead me to have an idea and clear perspective of what my plans could be with my future. Plus his friendly personality and solid advice make you feel 10 times better!
4. Meet new people- We have the largest class in the history of the school. There is no way you know everyone here! This year, I have gotten to know people I may have said 3-4 sentences too in my first three years, and now I consider these people strong friends of mine. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
5. Don’t be anymore stressed than you need to be with “last time” moments- While it is great to be reflective and think about your surroundings, do not stress yourself out with the “last time I do this” and “last time I do that” idea constantly in your head. It is important to find the balance of thought, and staying in the moment.
6. Go on a retreat!- Personally, I am a spiritual person, but this is not the reason I go. I go on retreats because I enjoy getting a way from Stonehill, and having solid conversations with people I know, and people I do not know well yet at all. Even if you do not consider yourself religious, or even spiritual, it is totally fine to come get away for the weekend, and think about the bigger things in life with very supportive people!
7. Come to Brother Mikes!- Even if you do not drink, Brother Mikes is such a fun atmosphere. From concerts, to trivia, to even just hanging around talking with my friends, Brother Mikes is a great way to sit back, relax, and enjoy the near end of a long week.
8. Believe in yourself!!!- I cannot stress this enough. You have already gone out of your comfort zone by either making new friends, going abroad, doing an internship, did well in a difficult class, and you have made it through three years here. I am not saying do not think about next year at all. I am saying that while you may be stressed, and it is normal to be stressed, we are all people with different passions, ideas, experiences, stories, and values. Put those together, and you will not just be okay, but you will thrive beyond Stonehill.
That is all for now! I hope you all had a great long weekend, and have a great week, Stonehill!

Oct 05




Freshman 15: Tips For Maximizing your Stonehill Experience (Christopher McNamara, Executive Treasurer)

You’ve been on campus for a month now. You’ve made a few friends, you know your way around, and you’ve mastered your schedule (even leaving time for a mid-day nap between classes). I hope Stonehill is starting to feel like home and that you’re starting to find your place.

That being said, you could always use a little advice from an upperclassman who has been in your shoes, so here’s a list of 15 tips I have for you (in no particular order):

1. Meet new people. Your first year is exciting for many reasons and one of them is the amount of new faces you encounter everyday. Be outgoing and introduce yourself to as many people as you can. You never know, that person at the end of your hall way could be your best man or maid of honor (or better yet, your future spouse!).
2. Get involved. One thing that makes Stonehill so unique is our level of student involvement. My advice is to get involved in at least one club or activity. This will make your experience so much more fulfilling. You’ll meet new people and have something to put on your resume.
3. Apply for a leadership position. Of all the things I’ve done on campus, being a Peer Mentor has been one of the best. I met a great group of people and got to welcome all of you first years to my home. Whether its Peer Mentor, RA, ABS Leader, Student Alumni Association, or something else, you should consider applying to be a student leader. It will teach you invaluable skills and open your eyes to parts of the Stonehill community you may not have been exposed to otherwise.
4. Explore campus. You probably take the same route to class and back everyday and might not venture around campus too often. Our campus is enormous and there are so many cool spots. Take a hike up to the caves or a walk on the nature path; explore the hallways of Donahue or sit by the Grotto. There’s so much to do on 400 acres!
5. Attend a sporting event. Stonehill has such a strong athletic program and our athlete classmates deserve our support! A Saturday afternoon soccer game, evening football game, or Sunday morning tennis match are a great way to spend some free time on a weekend. Plus SGA Spirit committee is always handing out free “Stonehill Swag.”
6. Try something new. Whether it’s the the international entrée at dinner, a class in a discipline you would otherwise never explore, or an event on campus that catches your attention, trying something new could spark an interest you didn’t know you had.
7. You and your roommate don’t have to be best friends. There’s definitely the idea that you and your roommate should be besties. This isn’t the case. If they are, that’s great! But if not, it gives you the opportunity to branch out and meet new friends in your hall way and around campus.
8. Find your study space. Some prefer a social setting to study, while others prefer absolute silence. Whatever it is you like, Stonehill has it. The library is a great place because the three levels are divided by noise level. However there are several 24/7 buildings like the Science Center and Stanger where you can bust out the books. I found a quiet little nook in Martin where I like to write my papers (I wont tell you the exact spot in case you’re thinking of stealing it from me).
9. Stop by Dunkin’ Donuts later in the night. If you have a long night of studying ahead of you and you’re stomach starts growling, swing by Dunks around 10:30 because sometimes they’ll give you a little extra food (or maybe some for free) and if your FoodFlex dollars are quickly disappearing like mine- this is a lifesaver.
10. Enjoy the long, random nights with your friends. Some of my best memories are the random nights I explored campus or had weird chats with my friends.
11. Utilize the shuttle. Stonehill is awesome but it doesn’t hurt to get off campus for a little while. Spend a Saturday in Boston eating at Faneuil Hall or shopping on Newbury Street.
12. Think about your future. I don’t mean life after Stonehill (at least, not yet) but what you’ll make of your next few years. Consider studying abroad, interning away, going on a hope trip, and/or any other opportunity this school has to offer. The sooner you start planning, the easier it will be to work it into your plan.
13. Stop worrying about your home friends. It’s hard. You’ve been friends with them for 18 years, but its okay to go long periods of time without talking to them. This is natural because you’re both so busy at college. Don’t worry though, come Thanksgiving you’ll still be best friends and you’ll have so many stories to tell each other.
14. Make some alone time. We all need some time to our selves every now and then. This will be especially useful if you’re having a stressful week. Find a peaceful place you can be by yourself and spend a couple hours there.
15. Above all, enjoy every minute you spend at this school. As I am sitting here writing this post as a senior, I can’t help but reminisce on the amazing opportunities and times this school has given me. It feels like just yesterday my friends and I were playing foosball at 2am in the Villa common room as freshmen. Your four years here really will be the best times of your life. As a senior, I’m so jealous that you’re all just starting this journey.

Stay tuned for more posts from your friends in SGA!