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2017 Class Committee Elections- A Firsthand Account!


     “First of all, congratulations to all of the first year students who are in the running for the Class of 2017 Committee; being a part of Student Government Association (SGA) at Stonehill is truly a wonderful experience! I remember running for the Secretary position for the Class of 2015 Committee and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have made at Stonehill in the past years! SGA has given me opportunities to be connected on campus with events and class issues, allowing me to be an influential part of the Stonehill community. SGA has so many opportunties to get involved and I would encourage everyone to run for an elected position or to join a committee.
       I remember campaigning my first year here and living in O’Hara Hall; I ran around my dorm knocking on every door handing out dum-dum lollipops and introducing myself to everyone I could find! Running for SGA gave me a great opportunity to get to know people in my dorm and all around campus!”
-Sam Strachoff

Communications Coordinator, Class of 2015 Committee

With that being said…


Voting is open from now (Wednesday, Sept. 11) until this Friday, September 13, at noon!

The Elections Lounge in the SGA Office across from the mailboxes is open for first years to vote on the computers during lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday, candy provided! 🙂


Thank you!

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