August, 2017

Aug 29




2021 Class Committee Elections


Serve your class and gain valuable leadership skills by serving on the 2021 SGA Class Committee!

Nominations for all class committee positions are made by putting your name on the nominations poster located on first floor of the Dining Commons. Nominate yourself or a friend!

There are 5 positions available for first-year students on the 2021 Class Committee:

  • President
  • -schedules meetings and creates the agenda for class committee meetings
  • -fosters class unity and address class specific issues
  • -runs class specific programs
  • Vice President
    • -serves as a voting member of SGA finance committee
    • -assists the President in running class committee meetings
    • -run class committee meetings when the President is absent
  • Communications Coordinator
    • -serves on public relations committee
    • -oversees promotion and publicity for class committee events
    • -records and distributes all meeting minutes
  • Senator (2)
    • -is a full voting member of the SGA Senate
    • -serves on Senate sub-committees (food committee, library committee, etc)
    • -represent the concerns of the class at SGA Senate


2021 Class Committee Election Timeline:

  • Nomination Period– August 30th 8:30am to September 5th 5pm
  • Mandatory Candidate Meeting– Tuesday, September 5th– Time: TBD
  • Campaigning Allowed- September 6th 8am to September 15th noon
  • Speech Night– Tuesday, September 12th –  Time: TBD
  • Class Committee Voting- September 13th at noon to September 15th at noon- 2021


For more information please email Tim Cronin (, SGA Executive President and Election Committee Chair. 




Aug 29




Fall 2017 Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities for students to get involved with SGA in the coming year because of last minute vacancies on multiple SGA committees. According to the SGA bylaws the Executive President “shall have the power to appoint students when vacancies occur on SGA committees.”

For information on 2021 First-Year elections please click here.

Interested students should email SGA Executive President Tim Cronin ( by Wednesday September 6th, 2017 at 5pm,. Please include: (1) your class year, (2) the position you are interested in, and (3) a short statement of interest.

The current vacancies include:

  • Treasurer– Diversity Committee
  • 2018 Representative– Diversity Committee (**must be senior)
  • 2019 Representative– Diversity Committee (**must be junior)
  • Movie/Comedy Committee Chair– Programming Committee
  • Communications Coordinator– Senior Events Committee (**must be senior)
  • At-Large Member [5 positions available]– Senior Events Committee  (**must be senior)
  • Vice President– 2019 Junior Class Committee (**must be junior)
  • Senator- 2019 Junior Class Committee (**must be junior)
  • Student Representative– Board of Fellows



The applicable sections of SGA founding and administrative documents include:

  • Student Government Association Bylaws-Article 1, Section 3, Sub-section F
  • Student Government Association Elections Code- Article 4, Section 7