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6 Ways to Get Involved in SGA This Semester!

Looking to become more involved on campus? SGA provides students with tons of opportunities for you to get involved and find your passions. Here are a few:

  1. Come to Senate! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Senate is a branch of Student Government that meets once a week during the Activities Period on Mondays (11:30-12:45). Senate discusses campus issues and we foster relationships between students and faculty. We also have guest speakers from various departments across campus bring up major initiatives and plans!
  2. Join a club or activity on campus! We have over 90 clubs that allow students to share their passions and promote important issues through meetings and events. Don’t see a club that you like but have an idea to create your own? Come stop by our office in the Commons Room 111 to learn how you can start your own club or organization!
  3. Did you know that SGA sponsors events such as the Spring Concert, the Spring Mixer, the Spring Carnival, Movie Nights, Concerts in the Hill, Trips, Karaoke/Trivia Nights? These are always amazing events and a great way for you to connect with other people who have similar interests as you! Spoiler alert: sometimes there is free food 🙂
  4. Stop by and meet your class representatives during Office Hours! Do you have a question or concern about something going on around campus? The best group to reach out to is your class committee!
  5. Get to know your SGA Executive Board members! We are here to for YOU! Come stop by the office to chat or ask questions about events or programs on campus.
  6. Run for an SGA position! Both general elections and E-Board elections will be coming up very soon. Check your email for more information!


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